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Step By Step Tutorial to Make Your Instagram Content Popular

Nowadays social media websites are all about ads, brands, bloggers, and celebrities.

There is so little space left for common people who’re just chilling online, looking through the pages they sincerely like — today it all has to come to businesses of all kinds.

And that’s fine: in any case, if you’d want to stop seeing something in your feed you can just unsubscribe, right?

But if you came here to become popular as well, to promote your content, and start seeing results, this article is just for you.

In it we’re going to tell you about a step by step algorithm that works great if you want to level your IG profile up.

We will speak about planning, finding the right people to cooperate with, and, of course, about a chance to buy Instagram followers that shouldn’t be taken out of consideration as well.

Let’s start with the first step: Planning

Before trying to push through the world of bloggers and celebrities who have already found their audience you really need to think about all the details — first of all, do you really need that?

Jokes aside, do you really need to make your profile crazily popular or you could do great by finding your small but loyal audience that would show you some support and would buy the goods that you want to promote?

This is actually a quite common mistake that lots of people make: while they’re rushing for followers and likes they totally forget that they have to actually target their PR campaign at a pretty narrow circle of people if they want their account to start making money.

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Otherwise, it is just going to be a gigantic account with nothing special to it — people might like the content, they might even share it with each other, but if they aren’t directly interested in what you’re posting about, there will be little to no practical use out of a page like this.

Moving forward: choose the right communications and cooperation. What do we mean?

If you’re small right now and you don’t know whom you need to cooperate with (amongst other bloggers who work in your sphere), don’t do it.

Don’t rush for buying ads from someone who seems to be legit — you might change your opinion later or you might even notice that you’re doing quite well without this help.

Start from building the base — find your first followers, gain your first likes, gather some comments, interact with your small audience, and from that, you’ll see what exactly you actually need to do to give your content a decent boost.

Hire a Social Media Marketing Company

Common mistakes: what not to do if you want to promote your content efficiently.

And that’s where we need to talk about the followers — do you need to buy them, do you need to not buy them or what?

Everybody has very different opinions on that and all we can say is: you can buy them, but you really have to pay attention to what exactly you’re purchasing and whom from.

Remember the times when people actually followed bots and bots followed people?

It happened out of nowhere, and all of us couldn’t really understand what was happening.

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Bots (or fake pages, or empty pages) were created for fun, as second accounts, as reserve accounts, etc.

And now these are being widely used by indecent companies who offer subscribers for sale but actually make people’s followers count flooded with bots of all different types.

There are obvious ones that have nothing in their bio, a very strange username, and a crooked main picture, and there are the ones that you can hardly tell apart from real people.

All of these are impractical and can even harm somebody’s profile. How?

Well, you might have heard that nowadays Instagram has a very strict policy about the bots and the fakes, and its technicians and artificial intelligence that runs on certain algorithms are trying pretty hard to get rid of all of them.

If IG notices that a certain page has some suspicious activity to it (+10,000 subs for example) it can block the page or mark it as a suspicious one.

And then, if you’d proceed to buy thousands of subs in one go, it can delete your profile with no chance to restore as it will be marked as a fishy one.

How do you avoid situations like these? Search for decent online promo companies that do not try to cover the information about the process of delivery.

Look for professionals who’re working on the market of online promo services for more than several years and try to always talk to the managers before buying something.

Finding a free trial is also a great option — not so many companies actually offer this, but some do (eg Soclikes.com).

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Don’t feel overwhelmed by the number of promo options and choose wisely — with some professional help by your side you’ll be able to reach any results!

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