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List Of Genius Gifts For Music Lovers – iRiverAmerica

Plato once stated, “music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” Truly said.

Music does connect every individual that comes into contact. And the grasp of these melodies is just mesmerizing.

While there is all kind of music lovers in the world, you have a large variety to choose from for them.

With different tastes to different budgets, we got you all covered.  So here is the complete guide for the genius gifts for music lovers in 2020.


The headphone has become one prominent part of music lovers. They have them in their mornings, their afternoons, and even in the long-lost night.

Being simple, over the ear, high bass, or noise cancellation, the technology keeps upgrading.

And what’s better than to gift the latest set of headphones to the ones who can respect their importance.

AV Receiver

AV receivers may sound new to your ears, but trust us, it has its long ridden way in sound.

AV receivers are a source controlling-machine that channelizes sound signals and delivers clearer sound.

One of the best av receivers under $500 is Onkyo TX-RZ830 with 7.2 channels.

Shower Speaker

Shower Speaker is one of those things which tend to please everybody within its reach.

Introduced in 2015, shower speakers have become a classical music enthusiast gift.

You can shower while Ed Sheeran or Adele will sing for the better part. And who knows, this might bring the inner singer you always thought you are.

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The turntable had their era of incoming into people’s lives, and still, it does lie within the music lovers out there.

The sounds fantastic right out of the box and is very easy to set up. Also, you can give them a collection of their favorite brand vinyl series for the complete set.

As for the turntable, try choosing a turntable in dark web brown finish to deliver a retro look.

Vinyl Wall Art

Vinyl art has become increasingly obsessive within music lovers. These pleasant-looking wall arts create sensational and calmness in the space.

And the best part about it: you can do it yourself. For vinyl art, choose a collection of favorite bands and research them on types of vinyl.

After getting your hands on, design them in a circular or square-shaped pattern and voilà.

Gift Cards

Gift cards always work. They work for the latecomers or for those who want to gift big but haven’t decided yet.

Be it Spotify Premium, iMusic Premium, annual Tidal membership, or Pandora subscription, and all will work for you unless the demand was much higher than expected.

So here, we have a complete guide for the best gifts for audiophiles who adore, respect, and will love the gifts that connect to the most. Happy Shopping.

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