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Latest Tech News: Don’t Miss Any Important News Today!

Are you interested in what is going on in the tech world these days?

At this point, more and more researches, articles, news, gadgets, computers, and other things come out, and it is hard to watch all of them.

To make sure you discover everything interesting and important first, here is something special.

In this article, you can find some of the latest technology news that you should definitely check out, most of  these latest technology news is collected by the 4Promedia portal.

Top latest tech news of the week you should know about

Instead of scrolling through thousands of sites to find some latest technology news and gadgets news, you can now read the most interesting updates right here today with the 4Promedia.

With the Android 10, YouTube music will come pre-installed. It will replace Google Play Music.

The decision was made by the Google company. In an announcement, Google did not specify which devices are going to have the app pre-installed.

Elon Musk has revealed a prototype of the newest Mars rocket.

A few days ago, Elon Musk showed the animation of the Starship and stated that the first flight of the rocket will probably come in a short period of time: probably next 6 months.

PayPal has finally entered the market of payment services in China.

It makes PayPal the first foreign payment service that has started working on the territory of China.

Gopay Information Technology has been approved by China’s central bank to sell a 70% stake to PayPal.

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The new research published in the Genome Medicine journal stated that the studies of Crohn’s disease had developed a new method that can help doctors examine, treat, and predict this disease with the help of AI.

These days, we have come from the point when the first steps in computer science, but now the progress has moved far.

European Union is ready to act alone on the digital tax. If by 2020 the won’t be any global deal regarding the digital tax.

In many countries, the approaches to the taxes differ, and this is one of the reasons why it is so hard to come to the agreement.

Amazon Alexa has got the voices of celebrities.

In one of the latest news, Amazon announced that Samuel L. Jackson and other famous personals will record their voices for the voice-controlled Echo speakers.

Now, you will be able to add this feature for 0.99$. Names of other celebrities will be announced later.

Right now, Alexa is available in many different languages, including Hindi.

Samsung Galaxy S11 is the new gadget that could potentially be even better than the new iPhone.

A new feature will let you know whenever you are dehydrated, or what is even better is that this feature will be able to tell you how many calories are in the food.

There is other great news you should know about, so don’t hesitate and read more articles about the hi-tech world and innovations on this website.

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