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Can The Internet Be a Savior For Educational Purposes?

So … the exam season is at its peak and you still don’t know if Columbus is a city in Ohio or if it’s the name of a person who discovered America?

Well, buddy, the answer to that is easy – especially since I have a fast internet connection from this site.

I know that Columbus is not just the one who discovered America but also that it is a name of three different cities in;

  • Ohio
  • Georgia
  • Indiana

Cool, ain’t it?

Life gets very easy with internet in it – the creators of the internet should be very proud of themselves … wherever they are.

Let me just check where exactly just a second!

Okay, so Robert E Kahn as well as Vint Cerf, both, are in America and from America! How cool is that?

That was quite an interesting piece of information, no?

Sometimes we just don’t care enough to bother to read a whole book just to remember the basic information or main points.

Not anymore, now, we can search for anything and everything on the internet and actually get to know about it within seconds.

Being students meant a lot of reading and reading and again reading back in our days – not anymore, however.

Thus, don’t be too hard on yourself.

I used to be the type of student who was neither a nerd nor the detention type.

I was somewhere in the middle and I depended on my girlfriend to get good grades.

No. no I didn’t cheat from her. Haha, although I could have since she would never have said no to it. But I just used to take her notes.

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She would always make notes for both of us – she metaphorically dragged me through college to make sure I passed. Ahh, good old days.

Advent of Internet

The internet was starting at the time and thus not everyone thought of it as a go-to place for studying.

Remember, the yahoo accounts and talks with strangers we befriended? Yes, it was such a time.

If you don’t know then we didn’t have Facebook back then – we passed time either by playing online games or by talking to people we couldn’t even see profiles of on Yahoo!

They had a lot of chat rooms – you’d either join a group or chat with someone personally.

Now, however, you can never know who might get better grades – even students like me can be toppers of their class and still have fun.

My nephew gets detention quite a lot and yet gets the best grades. How, you ask? Internet! Yes, the internet is literally his godfather.

He doesn’t need to spend hours with his books to know anything – he just searches up his point of interest and viola – he has all the answers.

There are so many online sites that help people study and make better assignments these days – things you can forget from books are elaborated on the internet.

Moreover, people from all around the world debate over whatever point they deem fit and thus expand one’s horizon of understanding and knowledge.

People literally use the research gap as an opportunity not just for discussions but better grades as well.

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The world has progressed to quite a great level. Thus, if you are a student or if you have kids who study – get internet and save money.

You can even download books online, find coding for kids tutorials, and thus save money that way.

Online tutorials and presentations can also help in enhancing your knowledge over a subject!

What did you learn?

In this article, we didn’t just discuss how you can use the internet for more than just lubes and socialization.

You can benefit yourself by studying further for your tests and assignments using:

  • Video Lessons
  • Written Lessons
  • PDF Version Books
  • Online Group Debates etc

If I missed something, do point it out in the comments below :)

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