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How to Fix Hue Bridge not Connecting Error | Best Solutions in 2022

Philips Hue is a globally recognized brand producing colorful and attractive LED lights to light up the house. However, as an electronic creature, Hue also has some irritating flaws, and the most common one is Hue Bridge not connecting. We have many proven solutions to this standard error that will solve your issue regarding Hue Bridge Connectivity issues within minutes.

Reasons why Hue Bridget Not Connecting

We will discuss all major issues people face with the Hue app and provide authentic solutions to overcome these problems quickly. If you are facing Hue Bridge not connecting error, you should firstly go for restarting it. If restarting doesn’t make any difference, here are the possible reasons;

  1. Faulty cable
  2. Hue Bridge isn’t connected directly to the router
  3. Your internet isn’t working
  4. Either you have the wrong IP address, or there is a proximity problem
  5. Alexa integration failure

Hue Bridge Unable to Connect – How to fix

Before we suggest solutions, you need to have an overview of the lights blinking on the Bridge.

  1. The light on the left is a power light. It only glows when your Hue bridge is receiving power. 
  2. The middle bulb at the top of the Bridge shows a connection to the internet. Your connection to the router is stable if the light is glowing fully. If it is blinking, then there is a connectivity issue. 
  3. The right-most light at the top shows connectivity status with the meet hue website. If it is blinking, it means that your Bridge has lost its connection to the site. If that light is stable, you are connected to the official site. 
  4. The light in the middle of the Bridge glows when the whole system is working well, and your lights are being controlled.

You should now note down the status of each light and jump to the related solution to save your crucial time. 

Establish a direct connection between the router & Hue Bridge

Whatever the solutions you apply, the Hue bridge will not work unless and until it has an uninterrupted connection to your chief router. There shouldn’t be any medium between both, like a secondary router, a parallel switch or even a simple adapter. Once you connect Hue and router, the Internet light will glow in a second.

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Sometimes people use a gateway instead of a router. In that case, Hue should have a direct relationship with that gateway. In this case, your Wi-Fi connection will allow the gateway to facilitate the Hue bridge as a proper internet connection. 

Hue Bridge not Connecting to App? – Update Firmware

After connecting the router with Hue successfully, you see that all lights are glowing, and none of them is blinking. When you check the App, which still shows “Hue Bridge unable to Connect”, you need to upgrade your Firmware. Here is how you do it. 

  1. Open Hue App
  2. Go to the Settings tab given in the Menu.
  3. You’ll see multiple options here, find and click Software Update
  4. If it already displays a message that Everything is up to date, you have perfect Firmware.
  5. Otherwise, you need to follow the instructions given by the Hue app to update Firmware.

Hue Bridge Light Blinking? – Restart Hue Bridge

Hue is an electronic device, and faults are very common among these appliances. Hence, restarting the Bridge can solve various Hue problems you have been facing, like blinking lights or connecting to the internet. Restarting doesn’t mean removing all your configuration as Factory reset does. Here is how you restart your Bridge safely; Also read, how to reset Firestick.

  1. Plug out the power cable first and wait a bit.
  2. Reconnect the power cable
  3. Wait until the App glows all its lights.

If this simple trick doesn’t work, we have many more solutions to make your Hue App work. 

Hue Bridge not Connecting? – Reboot Router

We suggest this solution to users having Internet Lights blinking. Rebooting the router will not fix all the problems, but it can help your Hue to connect to the internet successfully if you have a stable internet connection.

You can restart the router from their web application or follow the following steps or follow the instructions given in the video below.

  1. Get the power cable out first
  2. Wait for at least a minute
  3. Plug in the power cord
  4. Please wait for a while to make the router restart itself.

Just like restarting Hue Bridge doesn’t remove any configuration, rebooting the router doesn’t make any difference to the saved settings. Hence, it is the safest way to get rid of connectivity problems. 

Cannot Connect to Hue Bridge Manually – Inspect Ethernet Cable

Hue bridge not connecting

Sometimes the cable connecting the router and Bridge directly turns out faulty. To check the ethernet status, you need to unplug the cable from Hue and plug it into your laptop. If it doesn’t allow you to browse on a laptop, it won’t resolve the Hue Bridge not connecting issue. It would help if you had another cable to let Hue control your home appliances. 

Switch Zigbee Channel – Solves Most Connectivity Issues

Most electronic devices you use at home have a frequency range of 240Hz, for example, Wi-Fi routers, smartphones, and microwaves. Similarly, Hue Bridge follows the same range. Sometimes, the Zigbee channel gets interfered with by any other digital device. Fortunately, Hue comes up with multiple channels with a few Hz frequency differences. The following steps show how to switch from one Zigbee channel to another. 

  1. Switch on all bulbs connected to Hue.
  2. From Menu, go to Settings
  3. Scroll down and select Bridge Settings
  4. Go to the Zigbee Channel option
  5. Press Change channel and wait for it to finish
  6. Press the big button on Bridge. If the previous Zigbee channel had interference, this channel would turn all bulbs on.

Add the Bulb Again

It happened to my setup of Hue Bulbs multiple times when I mistakenly turned Hue Bulb from its standard switch. In this case, you must add that bulb to the App again. Here is how you do it;

  1. From Settings, go to Lights
  2. The App will show all the lights connected to it
  3. Please select the one which is not responding and delete it
  4. Click the (+) button on the top right
  5. The search button will allow the App to find that bulb. 
  6. Once found, click Start Configuration. 
  7. Here, type the name of light and Save
  8. Click Done and enjoy controlling.
  9. Watch the video attached below for complete guidance.
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Contact Hue Support

If none of the above solutions works for you, then you need to contact the official support team of Hue. Here is their link.


How to switch hue bridge to a new router?

The Hue Bridge is similar to a wireless router in terms of ports. If you are facing the Hue Bridge not connecting issue, you must be trying to connect it to a new router. So, you will find an Ethernet port in Hue. In the next step, you will put the second end of the Ethernet cable to your new router. Once you see all four lights working, you have successfully switched the Hue Bridge to a new router.

How to change network settings on Philips hue?

Changing the network settings in Philips hue isn’t a problem. You need to install the Philips Hue app on your smartphone. Once you’ve installed the app, please open it and go to the settings. Find your bridge and go to the info icon; you will find the network setting option there.

How to update hue bridge software without router?

For updating the Hue bridge software, you will need the Hue app. Open the app and go to the settings; scroll down a little, and you will find the software update.

How to hook up hue bridge with the router?

You need an Ethernet cable to hook up the Hue bridge with the router. One side of your ethernet cable will go into the bridge port, and the other will go into your router. Before winding up the process, ensure the 4 lights are activated.


Hue Bridge is a great app to automate the attractive lights at your home or office. Sometimes Hue Bridge is unable to connect to the internet due to one or more reasons out of many. You need to identify what is the actual problem by identifying the lights given on the Hue Bridge. Once the problem is identified, follow the respective solution provided in this guide.

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