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How VPN Can Benefit Android Developers? iRiverAmerica

App developers are no more immune to cyber threats than users of those same apps. Developers can fall prey to a security breach because of the extensive network in which they operate.

Furthermore, Malware can find its way into any stage of app development before the developer releases the app into the market. As a result, an app could infect millions of users just because of malware being in the initial product during the development stage.

Although Android developers may use a certain level of security such as malware detection, an intrusion detection system in the network, or antivirus software, none of these solutions may stop malware from getting into the infrastructure and then into specific data. What is the answer? A VPN for Android developers.

VPN services such as Surfshark are growing increasingly popular with all types of business and companies in the technology industry. There are several reasons for this, but the main one is that they provide adequate protection from cyber threats, while giving users access to otherwise blocked sites — some of which block the apps that developers create for the public to use.

The Private Tunnel: Protecting Android App Data in Transit

Developers spend a significant amount of time sending and receiving data. This is especially true if they are collaborating with someone else on a project. If the developer is emailing, downloading, or uploading data, it is vulnerable while it is en route from its origin to its destination.

A virtual private network offers point-to-point (user-to-user) protection via a virtual digital tunnel. The tunnel encapsulates the data making it extremely difficult to view. In most cases, no one even knows that the information is in transit at all. It acts as an underground railroad in which in data passes through entirely undetected.

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Also, a VPN encrypts the data so that even if someone were to somehow get around the tunnel, the message or information is unreadable. This is extremely valuable for Android developers who collaborate during the development phase of an app.

Creating Trust Between Developers and Other Companies

One of the best ways that a VPN benefits developers is that it fosters a high level of trust between a developer and anyone associated with that developer. This would include business partners, collaborators, or app users/customers.

The reason why people associate with a developer or use their app to start with is that they trust the company. The trust can instantly disappear if a developer falls prey to a security breach of any type.


It doesn’t matter if the cyber attack was the developer’s fault. It doesn’t matter what security measures the developer put into place. The only thing that matters in the eyes of investors, business partners, collaborators, or customer is that the developer is now vulnerable. Thus, everyone else is vulnerable to a cyber attack.

A VPN provides multi-layered protection to keep a cyber attack from every happening. Also, the focus of a VPN is not cyber threat detection. Instead, it is cyber attack prevention by any means necessary.

That is why it is far more valuable than other types of cyber threat software. It creates trusts between two entities that might not otherwise exist.

It Gives People Access to an Android App

VPNs such as Surfshark at Google Play give users access to developer apps who may not have access otherwise. The reason why users do not have access to some apps is because of either copyright laws, banned material, or Internet Service Provider (ISP) regulations in certain countries.

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Since user activity can be tracked on phones, computers, or tablets, Internet Service Providers can block this activity and keep users from accessing specific apps. However, VPNs allow users to access these apps from virtually anywhere in the world without being tracked by the government, an ISP, or any other entity.

Users are now to free to search, download, and use any app from any location. They can also access streaming services, which means they can many of these same apps to stream media.

When more people are allowed access to an app, it broadens the developers market around the world and increases their revenue. This is all because a virtual private network opens up the possibilities to customers around the world.

Safe App Access: Protecting the Consumer

Consumers need secure access to an app regardless of whether it is located on Google Play, a developer’s website, or anywhere else. Users need to know that when they visit a site and download an app onto their Android phone that they will not be cyber-stalked.

A virtual private network allows consumers to surf the web, visit websites, go to app stores, and explore their purchasing options without fear of a cyber attack. Just like a VPN blocks a user’s activity from ISPs and government agencies, the user can also travel around the Internet undetected by a hacker because the VPN masks the user’s IP address.

Meaning, the VPN assigns a fake IP address to the user putting them in a different part of the world (virtually speaking). Users no longer have to worry about phishing, spyware, ransomware, viruses, or any other malware tracking them as they visit from site to site.

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They are entirely hidden through IP masking, the virtual tunnel, and encryption. This multi-layer approach protects Android developers and the people that use their products. With the rise in vicious cyber attacks over the last few years, Android app developers need to take every necessary precaution to protect their most valuable digital assets.

This means securing their network, computers, cloud platforms, and all correspondence or collaboration with other parties. It also means that developers have a responsibility to keep their customers safe from cyber threats while using their products.

Virtual private networks offer the level of security that developers need to keep their apps fully protected from inception to distribution. When developers add that layer of protection to their products and their IT infrastructure, everybody wins.

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