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How to Write Business Letters in Microsoft Word?

You have lots of business tasks, and creating letters from scratch should not be one of them.

Templates of business letters can save your time greatly, especially for those who should combine work and study.

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These business letter templates for MS Word can show you what to write and how to deliver your message professionally.

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A letter from a company

The first letter from a company can be a first message received from your organization by your potential client, or business partner.

Your first impression is one of the most important things to success in these relationships.

The following template describes what should be included in the letter. It can help you begin the conversation properly.

  • Name of Addressee
  • Name of Organization
  • Address


Give a brief reason to write this letter. This can vary depending on your needs.

While some may be introducing a new product to their customers, several others may be informing about their business to their potential clients.


Dear Mr./Ms.:
In the introductory paragraph, you should mention about your company (if you are introducing it to customers and clients).

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Include information, like who owns the organization and what has been phenomenal about this firm.

In case you are presenting your business to new clients to attract funds for business expansion, you must begin with an emphatic introduction stating the firm’s year of formation and establishment.

Letter of intent

You can use a letter of intent in a variety of business situations, for example, negotiations, contracts, acquisitions, and purchases.

This kind of communication ensures that the parties have a clear idea of your organization’s intentions.

With this template, you can quickly enter contact information, as well as include the important information for a letter.

Dear [Name of Recipient]

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[Short introduction paragraph – indicate you are submitting this letter with the intent to do a specific action (purchase, partner, acquire, license, etc.). Indicate that the intent is based on the following conditions.] [Define the specifics about the item behind the intent listing all pertinent variations of the item or supporting material. Indicate your intentions concerning the liabilities.] [Considerations – Propose what you are willing to provide as compensation or other as consideration for the specifics listed above. Be sure to define amounts, timing.] [Provide conditions for the transactions. This may include requirements on due diligence, limitations on further seeking other interested parties, or confidentiality.] [Indicate that this letter is not an official offer and that all details would need to be negotiated and executed through a formal purchase or other agreement.]

Apology letter

Whether it’s a client, your chief, or even a close friend, formulating an apology can be a challenging task.

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You may have to apologize to the client for an error in the order or to your boss for unprofessional behavior.

We offer an awesome template that consists of three different apologies in one.

They will work for a client, chief, or friend, and you can edit the message to suit a specific situation.

This combination of templates is helpful so that you can get a great start with your apology.

Please accept our most sincere apologies for the difficulties and inconvenience you experienced for the mix-up of your last order.

We are deeply sorry that this issue has caused so much distress to you.

At Panda House, we strive to deliver the best products and services and the satisfaction to our valued customers like you.

Unfortunately, due to fundamental staff changes, the issue you have experienced went unnoticed through our process.

We have corrected your order and shipped it out this morning. At Panda House, we show our sincere appreciation to our customers.

Please accept a 10% discount on your order for the difficulties and inconvenience that you experienced.

Customer thank-you letter

Sending a thank-you letter to a customer can be of great importance in strengthening relationships.

Along with thanks for their purchase, you can remind them of the current benefits as well. This letter can improve your connection.

Here is a good sample for expressing appreciation. Simply add your company’s contact information, your great benefits, and a little more information if you want.

Dear [Recipient Name]:

On behalf of everyone at [company name], thank you for choosing [name of product or service] for your needs. [Name of product or service] includes the following excellent [features or benefits]:
• [Feature or benefit] • [Feature or benefit] • [Feature or benefit]

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We are committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.

If for any reason you have questions or comments, we are delighted to hear from you. Call our toll-free number, [phone number], or send us an email at [email address].

You can expect us to respond to your email within [amount] hours.

Again, thank you for your patronage. We look forward to serving you.

Whether you send business letters regularly or just from time to time, having a sample can undoubtedly save time and show the right direction in writing.

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