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How To Stay Safe in a Rideshare! iRiverAmerica

We’ve all heard them: the rideshare horror stories. While there is no reliable data source describing the exact rate or type of incidents and crimes that occur during rideshares.

Almost all of us have heard (or lived) news stories, personal anecdotes, and statistics attesting to the threat, criminal activity, or injuries that result from using these cars.

If you’re a college student or teen, you should pay particular attention to these upcoming tips. On a side note, if you get into an Uber or Lyft accident, don’t hesitate to call up your lawyer right away.

If you need to look for one, just type in what you need and your area. For example, “Uber Accident Attorney St. Louis” can show you a reliable attorney list in that area and so forth. Make sure you’re covered for every possible threat!

#1: Wait for the ride in a safe place

Because apps are going to tell you exactly where your driver is, you just need to go out and meet them at the last minute possible.

Ask your ride while you’re still inside and stay as long as possible in a place that’s well-lit, relaxed and in the presence of others. Don’t wander off alone or ask the ride to come to a shady place.

#2: Verify the driver

You should always ask the driver their name and double-check it with the name on the app.

It’s imperative that these details match so you know the driver is who they say they are. Also check the license plate number and match it with the one on the app.

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#3: Tell the driver they’re being tracked

People are more likely to commit crimes when they believe they won’t get caught, so give some hint that people are looking for you.

Make a phone call and tell people you’re in a rideshare. If they don’t respond (or you don’t want to call at an early hour), one hack is to leave a voice memo instead.

For instance, you can say, “Hey mom, I’m in my rideshare. We’re taking this route and I’ll be home by 8 p.m. for dinner.”

#4: Choose where you sit carefully

Uber recommends that sitting in the back of the car is better because it provides two potential escapes and improves space between the driver and the rider.

Furthermore, seating directly behind the driver on the passenger side will help you keep an eye on both the driver and the lane.

If you feel safer in the front seat, if you are sitting there a good driver shouldn’t mind. Consider it a red flag if a driver tries to force you into a certain seat.

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