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How to Record Streaming Radio? iRiverAmerica!

With technological advancement and readily available internet, there are now more streaming radios and audio content than ever.

Recording such content hasn’t been easy since most streaming sites put security measures to avoid downloading and recording the content.

Fortunately, this can now be done comfortably with the right software and tools.

You only need the software or program to capture the audio on your laptop or PC.

Here is a list of some programs and software you can use and their description.


USave.it is the most popular recording program which allows you to save every detail of the streaming audio into your computer.

It allows you to record and archive streaming radio and broadcasts so as you can share or listen to them later.

It is like a DVR machine for internet radio. uSave.it enables you to store your audio in cloud storage to save on space and helps you access it anytime you want it.

You can set it to save your important radio programs when you aren’t available and access them later.

It is also good for professionals who don’t have budgets or don’t want to invest in archiving software and hardware and offers a customizable player for your audio.

How does it work? To download your audio, you only need to select the audio you want to archive by providing the radios name, call letters, or streaming URL and have it saved.


Audacity is also one of the best streaming audio recorders and acts as a sound editor.

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It enables you to record sounds from streaming apps and save it on your computer for future use.

Audacity enables users to choose their recording preferences, and your computer has to support audio playback for it to work better.

It also comes with a manual that helps you install and operate to achieve the desired audio.

However, you can’t export the downloaded audio from the software to other locations due to patent reasons, which you can do it using other software.


Krut is also one of the programs that help you record streaming audio and internet radio into various files depending on your preference.

The recording is always done in a WAV format, but you can change it using other software to the format you would like since it’s portable.

Krut gives the original version of the recorded audio and comes with a manual that helps users install and customize their audio for a better experience.


Camstudio is free desktop recording software. It helps you record all the screen and audio activity of your computer, including the streaming audio and internet radio.

You can create AVI video files and customized audio files to save for future use through it. You can also use this software to record your videos.

However, you will have to use different software to convert the audio to an mp3 file. This situation makes it to have a two-way process, which can be done flawlessly.

Screamer radio

Screamer radio has been in use for a long time in listening to online radio stations and gives you an option to record them for free.

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It is an ideal software for individuals who don’t want to miss their favourite programs or when you want to record your favourite music from a streaming radio station.

Its best feature is that you can download and archive audio in its MP3 format.

Spotify Recorder

Most artists and radio stations are now streaming their content through Spotify music. If you are one of the Spotify fanatics, you can record and save Spotify content through a Spotify recorder, available free to use.

Although it’s not easy to set up, it can serve you better once done and enable you to enjoy listening to your audio several times after recording it.

You don’t need to have a Spotify premium account. You can customize the downloaded audio with an artist’s name and the audio information.

Not all streaming audio recorders are free. Before getting the best choice, you have to check on its configurations, subscriptions, ways to use it, and the recorded audio quality.

If you do massive recording, you can consider getting commercial, high volume recorders that come with paid subscriptions.

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