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How to Play Scrabble? An Absolute Guide by AndroidCompare

Scrabble is a classic game that will not only add fun but is also great for improving your dictionary. The game’s main idea is to get more points by playing with words on the board and link the words formed by your opponents. It requires a minimum of one opponent and a maximum of four players for better enjoyment.

What are the necessary things required for Scrabble?

First of all, make sure everything is needed for scrabble. For example, you should have 100 letter tiles, one letter rack for each individual, and a cloth bag to hold tiles. It is good if there are three players to start the game. However, you can start it with one opponent.

It is an excellent practice to keep a dictionary with all the necessary things. It is because if the opponent believes that some word is invalid, you can search the dictionary for verification. For easiness, you can install a dictionary on your mobile as well.

Now, put all the tiles in the bag and shake them well. Shake in such a way that everyone satisfies that all the tiles are correctly mixed, and there will be maximum chances of fair distribution.

After the distribution of tiles, it’s time to determine who will go first. The player who has the tile closest to the letter “A” will initiate the game. However, if someone has a blank tile, he/she will start the Game.

How to play scrabble?

Once all the things are ready, it’s time to start the Game. Here are some steps that you need to follow Unscramble Words Quickly for better play and end the scrabble Game. So, let’s start!

  • The player who has a blank tile or tile having a letter close to “A” will start the game. Continue the Game in a clockwise direction around the board. It is up to the player whether he/she will place a word on the board, pass the turn or exchange tiles.
  • Always decode the word score by adding point values for every letter in the word. The values range is from zero to 10. Zero-point for blank tile and 10 points for “Q” and “Z”
  • After forming a word, draw an equal number of tiles from the bag so each player could have seven tiles.
  • Each word formed on the board must touch at least one letter of the already created word.
  • Continue the Game until everyone used all the tiles or no one can create new words.
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End of scrabble Game:

As mentioned above, the game ends when no one can’t create new words, or every player has finished the tiles. In such a situation, it’s time to end the Game and start counting the scores. Before calculating the scores, someone may create a dispute by saying some word made on the board doesn’t exist. As mentioned earlier, having a dictionary is the key to resolve such issues. If the word exists in the dictionary, then the word will be allowed to count. Otherwise, it will be rejected.

Calculating the Scores:

Now, it’s time to calculate the score of all individuals who have formed the words. It is calculated by adding the points of all the words scored by one player. After calculating the sum, subtract the sum of unused letters that he/she has in hands. In case, if someone has used all the tiles, then only add the points from the words that he/she has formed, nothing to subtract from it. After calculation, the player having maximum points is the winner.

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