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How to Play iMessage Games on Android, Easiest Ways to Access iMessage

Ever wondered how to play iMessage games on android or if you want to find an iMessage alternative for android? Then, you have come to the right place. In this blog, you will find the two most straightforward ways to play iMessage games on android, and you will get to know alternatives of iMessage specified for android.

Apple has launched iMessage, which is used for quick texting from iPhone tablets or phones. It is necessary for you to know that you can send Characters, Texts, Audio messages, and videos from an Android device while the recipient must also be an iPhone user.

As both the recipient and the sender should be iPhone users, it becomes impossible to play iMessage games on android. Still, developers always find a way to help people by providing such apps which can make playing iMessage games on android possible.

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How to Play iMessage Games on Android – 2022 Guide

Recently, my friend saw me playing an iMessage game and wanted to play it on his older cell phone. He was disappointed when he learned that iMessage games are only for Apple Devices users. It didn’t take me long to find out the most suitable ways to play these games on any android phone. You must have some essential things to launch iMessage apps on your Galaxy phones. Let’s discuss them briefly;

Requirements for Playing iMessage Games on Android:

  1. You need to have either an iCloud account or an apple email id to get iMessage chats available on android. 
  2. The Mac device should be with you and must have Mac OS 10.1 or above. 
  3. Access to the internet to download Java 7, 8, or 9
  4. You must have Android Phone
  5. Installation of WeMessage or PieMessage app on android.

iMessage Games on Android – Method 1

Software developers, especially the app development teams around the globe, keep a constant eye on such issues, and they are really quick in producing such apps which can resolve seemingly impossible tasks. Recently, when the queries of internet users got viral about how to play iMessage games on android, a team of app developers came up with an app called WeMessage.

The developers copied all the features of iMessage and put them inside WeMessage. You can enjoy chatting in groups, sending necessary files in the form of attachments, blocking some content, DND, and many other features are installed in WeMessage. Here is how you install the app on your Android Phone;

  • Firstly, you are going to go for the JAVA development kit. You have to download it on your MacBook. This kit creates terminal permissions needed by the server. 
Java Development Kit
  • Now it is time to download and install WeServer on your Android Phone. 
  • WeServer is actually a zip file. Unzip it after the download finishes. 
  • The unzipped folder will have a file called “run.command”. Run this file to create an imaginary server for WeServer. 
  • After you run the file, the system will ask you to enter your registered iMessage email. 
  • We suggest you set a new and stronger password for this state. 
  • As soon as you finish logging in on your Mac, the iMessage contact list will automatically be transferred to the WeMessage app on your android.
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If you do not have a Mac and need any alternative to WeMessage that doesn’t involve Mac installation, the following method will surely help you.

How to Use Gamepigeon on Android Without Mac – Method 2

The best WeMessage and iMessage alternative for android has to be PieMessage. Though the PieMessage has the same working protocol as the previous suggestion, it is way easier to install on android than WeMessage. You will get all the related features on your android, which are actually available on iMessage. Here are the steps you need to follow to correctly install PieMessage and enjoy iMessage games on your Samsung, Oppo, or Vivo phones.

  • Go to GitHub Official Page and search for Piemessage App.
PieMessage App to play iMessage Games on Android
  • You will quickly get an APK file from the GitHub page. Download it and initialize the installation procedure. 
  • After successfully installing the PieMessage app, Open the iMessage app on your iPhone. 
  • Send a message to anybody. Go to the preferences of the messages. In Preferences, you will find Accounts; click it. 
  • Connect to your iCloud account here. 
  • Now you need to synchronize all the files you need on PieMessage. The cloning is basically done with the GitHub page. 
  • The next step is to enter the Address of the Socket in Constants.java. 
  • Instead of the socket address, you are going to set OSX IP. 
  • Bring Message.AppleScript to your home. Java Webdriver will help you bring the script to the home folder
  • Now you run a PieOSXClient. This client will help you release an APK file to use on android. 
  • Once the APK file is ready, bring it to android, run it and start playing iMessage games on any Android phone.
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iMessage Games to Play on Android

iMessage games are lit. They truly give you moments of joy when you need to pass the boring time. Here are some exciting games you can play on android.

  1. Game pigeon on android
  2. Four in a row
  3. Checkmate
  4. What is this
  5. And tens of more

App that lets you play games in iMessage

Multiple applications are getting viral that allow you to play games in iMessage. The most common app has to be WeMessage, and the second most recommended app is going to be PieMessage. Both applications ask you to enter your iCloud account details to log in and enjoy playing exciting games provided by Apple Store.

Playing iMessage Games on Android – Is it feasible?

How to Play iMessage Games on Android

There are multiple reasons behind the unavailability of iMessage games on android, and one of those reasons is different operating systems. Another possible reason behind the limitation is that iPhone is more concerned about their buyers’ security issues than Android ones.

The end-to-end encryption doesn’t allow iPhone apps to run on android. According to the need of the hour, some developers took the responsibility to help Android lovers enjoy the entertainment available on iPhones.

Hence, they took the step and launched different methods to answer how to play iMessage games like the game pigeon on android. The first method involves a third-party app called WeMessage, which is installed on android, and its server is linked to your own Mac.

The linking process is quite challenging, but in the end, you will finally be able to enjoy iMessage games on your android. Of course, you will need to install Java kits and apps on both the android and the Mac to avail of these games.

An issue comes when you do not have a Mac. What to do in that case? Well, if you do not have a Mac, then the second option has to help you. In this solution, you need to have an iCloud account created.

Once you have an iCloud account, you can use the PieMessage app on android, which provides you with all the features iMessage has. For example, you can play games and send files, texts, and videos to your contact list.

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Can You Play iPhone/iMessage Games on Android?

You can play iPhone games on android using a third-party app. You will have to use the iOS emulator to prevent your android from possible threats. Follow the following steps to enjoy playing iPhone games on your Samsung Galaxy phone. 

  1. Get Cider APK first. 
  2. You will have to sideload it to do the installation procedure properly. 
  3. Find the App drawer after successful installation and run the app from scratch. 
  4. That is all you need to do, enjoy iPhone games on android.

How to use Gamepigeon on android?

Firstly, you need to go to the iMessage app. Go to the bottom of the page loaded after opening the iMessage application. You will see four dots at the bottom of the thread. Here you can search for different games you want to play.

How to play games on iMessage?

You will firstly have to download the app you want to play. Once downloaded and installed, in the iMessage app, you will find the downloaded app above the keyboard. Click it and invite your friends or any competitor online. If you send a join link to your friend, he will have to install the game first to start playing with you.


Accessing iPhone applications on Android devices is almost impossible unless and until a third-party application takes part in it. In this guide, we have discussed all possible solutions and things needed to avail the solutions. For example, you need to have a MAC to access the WeMessage app, or if you want to go with PieMessage, you should have an iCloud account to access your games and chats from iMessage. Moreover, we discussed which popular games are available on iMessage and answered some of the hottest questions asked by netizens frequently.

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