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How to get and use Snapchat on Apple Watch | Step by Step Guide

Undoubtedly, the Apple brand is bringing multifunctional tech products to the market. Recently, we have noticed that many people are interested in Apple Watches, which obtain numerous features simultaneously. These kinds of watches allow you to access social platforms, and Snapchat is one of them. You may not know, but you can use your Snapchat account without a mobile. Therefore, people keep asking how to get Snapchat on Apple Watch.

You must fulfill multiple requirements to use your Snap account on your Apple Watch. For example, the series of your watch and a nice internet connection. So, in this discussion, we will be telling you how to download Snapchat on Apple Watch with access to multiple features. Before we talk about how to download it, let’s discuss what features you will get after installing the Snap App on the Apple Watch.

Snapchat’s Features on Apple Watch

If you are using Snapchat on your Apple Watch, you can see the snaps of people on your friend list. Secondly, you can view all the stories of your friends. The only disadvantage we noticed is that you can not reply while using Snapchat on Apple Watch. This happens due to the unavailability of the version that supports the replying feature. Most importantly, this disadvantage won’t last long as the Snapchat team is working on providing this quality to those who use Snapchat on Apple Watch.

How to get Snapchat on Apple Watch

Our primary topic is accessing Snapchat on your Apple Watch with maximum quality. First, it is not like buying a watch and starting using Snapchat on it. You got the wrong information if you think that Snapchat is already embedded in the watch. You need to follow a complete procedure for accessing your Snapchat’s account on Apple Watch. Below is the step-by-step guide about how to get Snapchat on Apple Watch.

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Apple Watch Series:

The first and the most important thing to remember is that your Apple Watch’s series must be four or above if you are interested in using Snapchat.

Good Internet Connection:

We all know that Snapchat is one of those apps that is unable to use without an internet connection. Therefore, your watch must have access to a fast internet connection as you need to download it from google.

Launch Siri on your Watch:

how to get snapchat on apple watch

In the next step, you need to introduce Siri to your watch. You must click the digital crown on your watch and hold it for a few seconds. That’s how you launch Siri on an Apple Watch.

Access Google Search Bar:

how to get and use snapchat on apple

After Siri has been launched on the watch, you must complete the words Google Search. In return, Siri will ask what you want, and you will say Google.com. This step can take a few minutes of your time if you try to get Snapchat on Apple Watch on OS 6 or OS 7.

Access Google Homepage:

After completing the previous step, you will see multiple results on your watch’s screen—Open Google’s Homepage, where you will search for the Snapchat app.

Search for the App:

get snapchat on apple watch

When you have access to the search bar, you can now search Snapchat Online by voice search or simply with the keyboard. Again, it will show you multiple results on the page, and you need to go to the official website named Snapchat.

Enter your Snapchat Account:

This webpage will ask you for the login details of your Snapchat account. The only annoying thing throughout this process can be typing on a small screen. Once you have put the required details, you can easily see the snaps and stories of your friend list. 

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What Else when using Snapchat on Apple Watch:

We believe you would like to see the snaps and stories of your friends. On the other hand, if you are not interested in logging into your snap account and typing annoys you, you can go to the story section on Snapchat. This feature will let you see the stories that are trending on Snapchat. Moreover, you can also use the search bar to view the stories of those you know by their name. Most importantly, we have access to the snap map in this specific mode on Snapchat App. Related AndroidCompare post, how to fix Alexa Routines not Working.


What features does Snapchat provide you on Apple Watch?

Snapchat has millions of active users online, and you can have unlimited fun using this app. It is so popular that people even started asking how to get Snapchat on the Apple Watch. Unfortunately, you can not use Snapchat on the Apple Watch the same as you use it on your smartphone. Still, you can view the snaps and stories shared by your friends. Also, you can use snap maps on your watch. Furthermore, you can use the search icon for viewing the trending stories or by searching a username.

Can you get Snapchat on the Apple watch?

Yes, you can download and use Snapchat on the Apple watch with a good internet connection. Although the access is limited, you can still have fun by viewing the snaps and stories of your friends and other stars around the globe.


Many Snapchat users are curious about how to get Snapchat on Apple Watch. It is not too tough to access your snap account on Apple Watch. Although the features are limited, you can still have fun by viewing the snaps and stories of your friends. Also, you can use the app’s search bar to witness the trending stories and search the users to know more about them.

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You need fast internet to get Snapchat on Apple Watch, and the watch must be Series 4 or above. Then, you will use Siri to open Google and access the Snapchat login page. Put the login details of your account, and you are ready to use the snap app on your Apple watch.

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