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How to Convert Audio to Text Automatically – iRiverAmerica

Which is the best software for converting audio to text transcription? The present-day technological advancements have made a multitude of tasks, activities, and practices become much easier to accomplish. For instance, what has previously considered difficult transcription work is nowadays a simpler task once it is left to technology.

There are several firms providing audio to text transcription solutions you will find online. However, different transcription services have got their own terms and conditions, and pros and cons.

If you are planning to use a transcription service to convert audio to text, ensure that you distinguish the various choices available. A good fact-finding will help you find a transcription service with solutions that perfectly suit your needs.

What is Audio to Text Transcription?

Audio to text transcription is a service that helps you convert an audio track or file to text form. The audio file to be converted into text form can be an audio-only content, or video. The most accurate and reliable transcription service is one that converts audio file to text form word-for-word.

Self Transcription vs. Automatic Transcription- Which is the better option?

Automated transcription, commonly known as automatic transcription, is where software is used to convert audio file to text. It is where speech recognition analyses an audio file for the programming to determine the text.   Self transcription or manual transcription is where individuals rather than technology create a transcript.

If you are looking for a dependable audio to text converter online, it is important you compare the features of both automatic transcription and self transcription in order to know which is better for your needs, or has solutions that surpasses your expectations.

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Benefits of Automatic Transcription

Automatic transcription is the use of transcription software to transcribe audio to text. The transcription software can be an entirely automated service, or software that assists human transcribers to convert manually spoken audio files into text transcripts.

Speed and Spelling 


If you want to get your audio file converted to text ASAP, using an automated transcription service is with no doubt the better option. An automatic transcription will help you save more of your precious time because it has a faster turnaround when compared to self transcription.  Automated transcription software simultaneously and automatically corrects any typos present instantly.


Automatic transcripts are extremely cheap such that it can cost you very little amount to none to transcribe an audio file to text per minute.


Automated transcription services can easily be accessed online provided you have a device such as a phone or laptop with stable internet. There are very many reliable audio-to-text converters you’ll find online any time the need to use them arises.

What you need to Know about Audext

Audext is an internet based service that offers transcription solutions. It is an audio to text converter that automatically transcribes popular audio tracks to text. If you are looking for an online based transcription service Audext is a good alternative if you want to convert an audio file to text and achieve incredible outcomes.

Audext was invented for people who want to automatically transcribe all their popular audio files to text within the shortest time possible. This app will save your valuable time by transcribing your audio file to text in just a few minutes.

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How Audext Works

After transcription is performed, you will have the chance to edit the resulting text you’ll find in the editor area on the website. This transcription software will ensure each word is tied up to the actual audio moment. It supports the most common source formats like MP3, WMV, and WAV audio to text transcription.

Audext has speaker identification traits to help you reduce the burden in your transcription work. Whether it’s a podcast or interview, this transcription software has you covered, and it will uncover for you the individual that is speaking.

However, regardless of this transcription software having incredible features, it’s not a generator and therefore will not transcribe your audio file with background noise. Audext does not convert text/word to audio and does not transcribe video files.

Convert your Speech to Text via Fast and Accurate Dictation

If you’re hunting for a great transcription service that will automatically convert audio files to text, Audext is the way to go! Do not hesitate to use Audext now if you are looking for a great audio to text converter online that will help you get fast and accurate results.

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