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How to Fix “Hisense TV Remote Not Working” Error, Best Solutions 2022

As we all know, numerous folks use Hisense tv because of the popularity of the Hisense brand. Unfortunately, it is a repeated problem that your tv remote stops working. Therefore, people keep finding solutions to the issue of “Hisense tv remote not working.” As an old user of Hisense tv, I have got many solutions that will make your Hisense remote work nicely. Before we discuss the fixes, first, we will go through the possible reasons why your tv remote is not working.

Hisense Tv Remote stopped Working | Possible Reasons

There can be multiple reasons you cannot use the Hisense tv remote. First of all, it is a high possibility that your remote has stopped working because of body damage. Secondly, the battery has expired, or it has been damaged mistakenly. Finally, most of the time, the infrared sensor does not work, which results in miscommunication between the tv and the remote. The reasons are highlighted so that you can repel all the possibilities that harm your remote.

Hisense Tv Remote not Working | Best Solutions

A few simple steps can solve this problem whenever your Hisense tv remote is not working. First, you need to detach the batteries by removing the back cover of the remote. When done with these steps, find the power button and press it for 30-40 seconds. In the end, repeat the button pressing step with the remaining buttons and adjust the batteries again. Now check if the remote has started working or not. If not, it means you will have to use new batteries, which will surely make your remote work.

I have got other proven solutions as well, but I suggested this at first because this fix works fine for me every time my Hisense tv is not working. But, most importantly, the remaining solutions are also easy to apply and understand. Therefore, it is suggested to go through all the fixes as one will indeed work.

Take off Batteries when Hisense Tv Remote is not Working:

This quick fix is explained above but not thoroughly. So, here’s what you need to understand. When there are no batteries in the remote, you need to press the buttons randomly to unload the potential they are containing.

After pressing the buttons randomly, when you hold the main power button for some time, it unloads all the power, which results in resetting the remote. That’s how you reset the Hisense tv remote manually. In the end, put the batteries back in their positions, which should work. Also read How to connect Hisense TV to Wifi without remote.

Change the Batteries:

You know well how long it has been since you replaced the batteries of the Hisense tv remote. It is one of the most common reasons why Hisense tv remotes don’t work. You must be wondering how to know if the batteries are dead or if there is any other problem.

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So, when you apply the first solution of pressing the power button, but the remote still does not work, it means your batteries are dead. Moreover, this will reduce your effort and solve your problem with the new batteries.

Hisense TV Remote Not Working Properly | Inspect Infrared Sensor

Hisense TV Remote not working

The infrared sensors are placed in both the tv and remote. Due to these sensors, you, the tv, and the remote communication and perform the action you demand. There is no chance you can use a tv when the IR sensor of your remote is not working. Therefore, it is necessary to check if the IR sensor of your remote is working correctly.

To know if the sensor is working, you need a smartphone. Open your phone’s camera in front of the remote in a vertical shape. Pressing any button on the remote will let you witness a quick red light through the camera. If it happens, it means the sensor is working.

Hisense TV Remote Response delay | Clean your Remote

fix Hisense tv remote not working

I suggest cleaning your tv remote every week, not only when it is not working. The miscommunication between the TV’s and remote’s infrared signals also stops your tv remotes. Therefore, the remotes have to be cleaned properly. Here’s how clean the remote;

  1. Open the body of the remote.
  2. Clean it from the inside with a small piece of cloth.
  3. Most importantly, clean the beam on the remote.

If you don’t want to clean the remote, then move the beam, and the tv will start receiving the signals.

Off-On Hisense TV:

This is quite a different solution from the other ones. In this fix, you need to perform some actions with your tv, not the remote. This solution is performed when there are technical or software issues with the tv. The noticeable thing here is that if the Hisense tv remote is not working because of the tv, only this fix can resolve the error.

This error is technical, but the solution is as simple as the previous ones. Firstly, you need to disconnect the primary tv wire from the board and let it relax for a minute. During this duration, press the power button of your Hisense tv to make it free from any power.

After a minute, rearrange the whole thing and turn on the tv. If the remote stopped working because of the tv, this solution would work. Otherwise, you will have to try any other remote solution. Get support from the Hisense Support Page if your TV remote isn’t working or there is any other issue.

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Slightly Crush the Remote Buttons:

Crushing all the buttons on the remote a few times is also a proven solution to the Hisense tv remote not working. You must try this solution because the rest won’t work if one button is pressed. The tip here is to mash the buttons whenever the remote falls off your hands.

You must have seen people slightly slapping the back of the remote, and luckily, this trick works. It works because the unnecessary dirt and the stuck buttons come out. That’s the easiest solution to the Hisense tv remote stopped working.

Unfold the Hisense Remote:

In this fix, we will learn how to clean a tv remote thoroughly. Speaking of Hisense remotes, they are easy to open and durable. In other words, you can unfold and fold them easily. Find a little gap in the remote and put your nails there to open it.

Once it is opened, clean each part of the remote wherever you see dust or wet symbols. If your tv remote uses screws for unfolding and folding, you will need a screwdriver as per their sizes. Then, perform the steps mentioned above for Hisense intelligent tv remote.

Inspect the Circuit Board:

In rare cases, the pads of your circuit board are damaged by water or any other liquid. In this case, the pads become dirty and stop working. If you observe rust on the pads, it is better to use a bit of alcoholic mixture to remove it. Once the circuit board is cleaned, the remote will start working and will be ready to send signals to the tv. 

Hisense Tv Remote Control not Working | Dry the Wetness

Most of the time, my Hisense remote does not work because of the wetness inside it. In this case, you have to dry it from the inside carefully. Most notably, this error does not stop the complete buttons but only a few ones.

Here you can either clean the remote in different ways or demand a replacement remote for Hisense tv. It’s your choice. For drying the interior, you can place the remote in front of the sun for a bit or open its casing for further steps.


Why is my Hisense TV not responding to the remote?

The possible reason your Hisense tv isn’t responding to the remote is miscommunication between the tv and remote. The other reason is that the infrared sensor has stopped working or is bounded with dust. Also, the wetness inside the remote can cause the Hisense tv remote not working error.

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How do I reset my Hisense tv remote?

To factory reset your Hisense tv remote, you need to detach its battery and mash the buttons to discharge the power from it. Secondly, you must place the battery again and ensure the remote has blinked twice.

In the next step, you need to instantly press the 2 and 8 digits, and the remote should blink twice again. Lastly, launch the 9 8 1 code to finish the rest process. The factory rest will be done with the 4 LED blinks.

Why is my remote not working even with new batteries?

If your remote isn’t working even with the new batteries, it means the terminals are dirty. You need to clean them first and then use the new batteries. To clean the terminals properly, pour a few drops of alcohol on a clean piece of cloth and polish the terminals. Use the new batteries now, and your remote will start working.

How to change the input on Hisense TV without a remote?

Firstly, you need to turn on the tv to change the input on Hisense tv without using the remote. Now you need to access the OSD screen by clicking the menu button. You will find the input option there. Click it. The recent models of Hisense tv change the input itself. If you use an old model, you will have to use the channel buttons to switch the input.

Winding Up Hisense TV Remote Not Working

Hisense tv remote not working is a common problem, and people face it for multiple reasons. The major ones are wet or dirty remote from inside, infrared sensors stopped working, or dead batteries. We have mentioned the most beneficial and tested solutions to overcome this issue.

Most of the time, your Hisense tv remote starts working with a new set of batteries, and when you clean it from inside correctly. If these two fixes don’t work, you can try out the other ones to fix this miscommunication problem between the remote and the tv.

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