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Gift Guide: 5 Ideas for the Gamers in Your Life – iRiverAmerica

If you’re not a gamer yourself, it can seem nearly impossible to shop the esports-athlete in your life. Fortunately, now you don’t have to guess.

If you’re not an expert on gaming tech, you can stop wasting money on things they won’t use–whether it’s because they’re outdated, incompatible with their system, or simply undesirable.

Instead, you can use this gamer gift guide to purchase the perfect present for every occasion, and every budget.

While some gaming essentials will be easy to acquire for themselves like screen recording software, these 5 items will be welcomed gifts that will redefine their gaming experience.

Computer Optimized for Gaming

One of the most important factors for the best gaming experience is the hardware they play on.

Computers specifically designed for gaming feature unique performance enhancements that allow for outstanding performance, including the ability to run sophisticated programs, provide exceptional graphic quality, and compatibility with other gaming accessories and upgrades.

Gaming laptops and desktops make excellent gifts for graduates or other big-spend occasions.

While they’re more of an investment than the other items on this list, your recipient is sure to get a lot of use out of their new computer.

A Good Gaming Headset

Gaming tech has truly reached new heights, including the ongoing innovation of gaming headsets—think stereo sound, noise-canceling technology, and premium comfort for long wear.

If your loved one is a fan of team-based games, a gaming headset is an essential addition to their gaming accessory arsenal.

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When you’re looking for the perfect gaming headset, consider the reviews for each pair and make your decision based on what you think is most important to them (or you could just ask them).

Gaming Keyboard

An average keyboard can’t compare to the functionality provided with a specially designed gaming keyboard.

These keyboards have gamer-friendly features that can take their play to the next level—especially for the aspiring eAthlete.

Gifting them with a gaming keyboard will enhance their gaming experience by improving:

  • Speed: Many of today’s favorite games require complex keystrokes that can really slow a player down on a regular keyboard. However, with a gaming-specific keyboard, they can execute these moves with unmatched speed—giving them a competitive edge that they’ll surely appreciate.
  • Comfort: Many gaming keyboards also feature special ergonomic aspects that are designed to help prevent injuries in the wrists and arms during long periods of gameplay and frequent use. This will also make it easier for them to play for longer without experiencing pain.
  • Bragging rights: As with any hobby or passion, gamers can gain credibility amongst their peers when they’re equipped with the latest gadgets—including a high-end gaming keyboard.

Gaming keyboards are available at a variety of price points, but we suggest maybe saving up for this gift or having several family members pitch in to score them a top of the line one.

Gaming Chair

Few things do damage to your posture and cause more back, neck, and shoulder pain than sitting in a desk chair all day—if you work in an office, you definitely understand this uncomfortable feeling.

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For many new games, this discomfort might seem like an inevitable part of their favorite pastime, but you can help them overcome this challenge and take them to a new level of comfort with an ergonomically designed gaming chair.

Not only are gaming chairs more comfortable, but they can keep their gameplay performance at the highest level, even late into the night.

Twitch Prime Subscription

This is actually a great gift for recent grads or students who can also benefit from having Amazon Prime.

Twitch Prime is a service that’s available with Amazon Prime membership, giving your loved one access to not only free deliveries and other Amazon perks but Twitch perks as well.

Some of the exciting features of the Twitch Prime membership include:

  • Free games
  • Free in-game items
  • Ad-free viewing
  • Discounts on video game pre-orders

…and more! As you can see, this is really the gift that keeps on giving and will undoubtedly be much appreciated by any serious gamer.

Instead of buying another gift card for your nephew, brother, or boyfriend because you don’t know what to get, these gifts aim to please your favorite eAthlete in your life.

With this gift guide, you’re sure to select something that will make playing their favorite games more enjoyable than ever (and they’ll be reminded of your generosity every time they play).

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