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Keeping in Touch with Colleagues While Working from Home

Working from home is no longer a rare privilege. Rather, it has swiftly become the inescapable norm that we’ve all hardly had time enough to adjust to.

Everyone is now at home, working or otherwise, and this situation is bringing with it some interesting new challenges.

One area that may come with more difficulty when working from home is keeping in touch with colleagues.

While before you all shared an office and near-constant camaraderie, it can be a completely different experience when you’re all living the work-from-home life.

Separated by plenty of physical distance, in your own homes, it can be too easy to fall out of touch.

In order to curb the communication issues of working from home, real effort needs to be part of it.

It’s no longer as simple as walking over to start a conversation. It won’t just happen on its own.

The Importance of Your Long-Distance Workplace Communication

Communication within the workplace is not easy by any means when you are working, technically, out of the workplace.

Yet, for those working from home, communication couldn’t be more important.

Work still needs to get done, which means talking, coordinating, and an overall efficient plan for communication with team members.

At the same time, the work-from-home lifestyle can be extremely isolating. When you aren’t able to go out and use other situations for socialization either, it can get really lonely without the company of your coworkers.

You don’t just need communication to get things done, but you may want to get in touch with others to fulfill your social needs.

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Just because you’re working at home doesn’t mean you have to be on your own. It’s important to reach out every once in a while.

Phoning a Co-worker

In troubling times, the phone can be the real lifeline that rescues you.

Where email and instant messaging can fail you in your mission to get some collaboration on a project done, phone calls can provide true connection.

When you feel your workplace relationships drifting away, a phone call can help you pull yourself out of the isolation and back into a workplace community.

It may seem obvious that phone calls would help to keep you in touch with colleagues while working from home, but this seems to have been forgotten by many.

We have so many new tools and software available to distract us from what may be the best one at our disposal.

Right in the palm of your hand, your cell phone can likely solve many of your struggles with continual communication during the time of working from home.

It really can be as simple as picking up the phone, if no other issues pop up during this undertaking.

Potential Phone Problems

Now, for all that they can offer us, phones aren’t perfect. If the cell signal at your house isn’t very strong, just going ahead and making that call may not even be a solution.

Instead, it may just offer a whole host of other problems such as spotty conversations and dropped calls.

In the case of poor signal strength, your cell phone may be anything but the way to keep in touch with colleagues.

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Boosting Phone Connectivity

With a cell phone signal booster, however, these worries can all be a thing of the past.

These devices make use of what cell signal is available in your home to amplify it.

This can make work-from-home communication easily achievable, no matter where the home you’re working from is located in relation to a cell tower.

As long as the booster has enough signal to work with, you will no longer have to struggle with staying in touch with colleagues.

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