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CMMS Suite for Your Business

The wealth of options in the market today for a robust, powerful CMMS can be overwhelming for some. While there is some truth in the fact that many CMMS suites can perform the same functions, some do it better than others and offer features like mobile applications and cloud-based services.

If you need to pick the right CMMS software for you, you may find that there is no shortage of options to choose from, which can make it even harder to make the right decision.

Not to worry, because we have the top 7 tips for picking the right CMMS suite for your business!

1. Weigh-In Your Options

There are plenty of options out there for CMMS software. When you are looking for the right one for you, make sure to take the following factors into account.

Firstly, consider the requirements of your company, your specific style of operating, and your plans to scale your business.

Choosing the right CMMS software that can evolve with you when you scale is important. As we’ll discuss in point number 3, the cost of different CMMS solutions can vary wildly based on the functionality they offer.

Choosing the right CMMS can be as easy as considering all your options and choosing the one that would best serve your needs.

2. The Importance Of Mobile Companion Apps

Mobile apps can be vital to managing the equipment that your company depends on. While many CMMS software available on the market today offer companion mobile apps, many do not.

In an age when businesses are more connected than ever before on-the-go, having a mobile application extension to your desktop CMMS software is essential. It allows you to stay in touch with maintenance status, view activity logs and schedules for future repairs.

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Mobile applications can beam push notifications to operators, administrators, and maintenance managers. They help establish a platform for your corrective maintenance management and make it much easier to convey information.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

Implementing a budget does not have to mean breaking the bank. When you are picking the perfect maintenance management software, you want to filter your options based on features that your business requires.

Depending on the package you choose to buy, you might be able to cut costs dramatically by leaving out certain features that would not add value to your specific use case. Even better, choosing a CMMS that allows you to change your plan at any time is a bonus.

While you do have the option to buy many CMMS Business Suites outright, you will also find that many developers offer these tools on a subscription basis. Deciding which one suits your business model the best is one of the ways to stay economical while implementing a CMMS Suite.

4. Commitment From The Developers

Once you take the plunge and purchase your CMMS, the worst possible thing that could happen is that the developers could stop updating it regularly or abandon the software altogether. This can leave you high and dry when you need to manage your corrective maintenance the most.

With this in mind, it is clear that you should be on the lookout to choose a CMMS suite that receives regular updates from the developers. To be on the safer side, always choose software that has a good reputation for regular updates being pushed out and constant support for customers.

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If you do not do this, you might find that you are left needing to replace your now-defunct CMMS Suite for a new one anyway.

5. Cloud-Based Services

Cloud-based services can take your operations to a new level of convenience and connectivity. With cloud-based services, you can remotely view maintenance logs, future schedules, parts that need to be replaced, and their respective order tracking interfaces.

All of these features contribute towards giving you unmatched control over your assets even when you are not physically present at the workplace.

Now, you can store copies of important equipment information and maintenance-related data on the cloud that can be easily accessed from anywhere. This means that you never need to be present in one place or at your desk. It also helps avoid unnecessary downtime while you are away.

6. Matching A CMMS With Your Scale Of Operations

By purchasing a CMMS software intended for small businesses when you are in fact a giant, you might be disappointed to find a lack of features that you need.

On the flipside, by choosing an advanced, expensive option when you do not necessarily need to use all those extra features, you might end up spending more than you needed to.

It is definitely worth going through your options and doing your due diligence about the level of advanced features you need for your CMMS Suite. Doing so can end up saving you a considerable amount of money by avoiding features that do not add much value to your maintenance operations.

For these reasons, finding a CMMS Suite that suits the scale of your operations is one of the most important things to keep in mind while choosing one for your business.

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7. Ease-Of-Use

We cannot stress enough the importance of choosing a CMMS application that focuses on simplicity and ease of use. Choosing a convoluted or highly advanced CMMS application that requires higher levels of knowledge needs to be matched with the same intensity of training.

Remember, no matter how rich in features the CMMS software that you choose is, it all comes down to how effectively your employees can be trained to perform functions with it. While picking a CMMS Suite, practicality and ease of use should definitely be high on the priority list.

Key Takeaway

Purchasing the right maintenance management software for your business can have a lot of deciding factors to consider. As long as you keep in mind what features you need and which ones you can live without, you should be able to stay within a reasonable budget and make a wise choice.

While sizing up your options, definitely consider the importance of a complementary mobile application, cloud-based services, and automation. These can add plenty of value to your company and help you manage your assets better.

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