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Top 20 Best URF Champions with Abilities – League of Legends 2022

Everyone likes to play URF (Ultra Rapid Fire) game mode in League of Legends because of numerous exciting features. At the same time, you can enhance your gameplay by playing with multiple characters or champions with different abilities. Now, the major concern here is that what are the best URF Champion and which one should you choose for this game mode.

The best champion to use for URF is the one that has the most potent abilities and attack rate. The champion also needs to be in the highest tier list if you want to win in your game. In this case, you come across many characters and champions with outstanding skills that you will love to explore. Those who are connected with Epic Seven game should visit our post on Epic Seven Tier List and Characters.

Best URF Champions – October 2022

If you want to maximize your chances of winning games in Ultra Rapid Fire, you must have a skillful champion before going into the game. Therefore, we have gone through an extensive research process and refreshed our list of 20 best URF champions with some new and powerful characters. So, let’s start reviewing the properties of newer champions and see how deadly they can be while playing this LoL mode.



First of all, we have Karthus champion which has got a quite good win rate in different ranks. Also, it is the champion in LoL that uses the power of death, known as The Deathsinger. Most importantly, everyone likes to use Karthus to enhance their gameplay in URF mode.

He is the undying spirit capable of manipulating the mystical powers that can release powerful attacks to any enemies he encounters. Moreover, Karthus belongs to the class of the Battlemage, and he uses ranged attacks to defeat his enemies.

Karthus Character Details:

  • With this champion, you can use magic attacks to attack your enemies from long distances.
  • The abilities of Karthus are Death Defied, Lay Waste, Wall of Pain, Defile, and Requiem.
  • You can apply various skins for this character, including Phantom Karthus, Statue of Karthus, Pentakill Karthus, and Infernal Karthus.
  • He can restore his Mana when he kills an enemy.
  • When he receives fatal damage, he can make himself non-targetable for 7 seconds while remaining active in battle.


Best URF Champions

If we compare the winning ratio of Garen and Karthus in platinum+, Garen has got 53 percent win ratio which is better than Karthus. The difference isn’t too big which is why we consider both of these URF champions best. Furthermore, Garen is also known as The Might of Demacia, Garen is a mighty warrior you can use as a League of Legends champion.

With the strong broadsword and powerful armor to defend himself, he can defeat his enemies using his sword-fighting skills. He belongs in the Juggernaut class, and he can use melee attacks to fight his enemies.

Garen Character Details:

  • Garen’s abilities include Perseverance, Decisive Strike, Courage, Judgment, and Demacian Justice.
  • There are available skins for this champion that you can use, such as Rugged Garen, Steel Legion Garen, God-King Garen, Mecha Kingdoms Garen, and more.
  • He can use the might of Demacia to destroy other champions in this game.
  • As you kill more enemies, you can increase the magic and armor resistance of this champion.
  • He can stop any slow effects by activating burst attacks against his enemies.

Veigar URF Champion


The Veigar character in URF has been built with several powerful items. Dubbed as The Tiny Master of Evil, Veigar is the champion in League of Legends that has powerful abilities in commanding the power of dark sorcery.

With his black magic ability, he can attack his enemies and destroy them with powerful magical strikes. This character believes himself to be the real evil, and he has his fascination with the universe’s mystery.

Veigar Character Details:

  • You can use Veigar’s various abilities in battle, including Phenomenal Evil Power, Baleful Strike, Dark Matter, Event Horizon, and Primordial Burst.
  • Plenty of skins are available for Veigar, including Elderwood Veigar, Furyhorn Cosplay Veigar, and more.
  • Veigar can release a big blast of magic attacks, damaging multiple enemies in a specific area.
  • He can also summon a dark matter to fall from the sky and destroy a specific area.
  • Every time you use your magic spell, you can increase this champion’s ability, which can be useful to strengthen you in battle.


Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) Champions

On our list of best URF champions 2022, we include Brand character too due to its several exciting features. The Burning Vengeance, is a champion in League of Legends that has a literal fire burning through his body.

He has fire-related abilities that you can use to destroy your enemies in battles. With the burning flame of vengeance, this champion will strike his foes with fire-based attacks devastating for the enemies. Have a look at the build of Brand URF character.

About Brand Character:

  • The brand has various abilities that can destroy its enemies in battles, such as Blaze, Sear, Pillar of Flame, Conflagration, and Pyroclasm.
  • You can use various skins for this character, including Eternal Dragon Brand, Apocalyptic Brand, Zombie Brand, and more.
  • This champion can release the torrents of fire that attack the nearby enemies and devastate them.
  • The brand can create the pillar of flame that he can target to a particular area, then destroy the enemies in that area with magic attacks.
  • He can also unleash the ball of fire that he can direct toward the enemies in front of him.


Best URF Champions

The Lux character has the same win ratio as Karthus making it an obvious choice for all the players to explore it. Also, the experienced LoL players consider it as one of the best URF champions. It is also known as The Lady of Luminosity, is the League of Legends’ character that can bend the light to her will.

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She comes from Demacia, which is the kingdom where people fear the use of magic or magical abilities. Yet, she can bend the light with her hands and use her magical abilities to protect her homeland in covert missions.

About LUX Character:

  • This character can use various abilities involving light, which are Illumination, Light Binding, Prismatic Barrier, Lucent Singularity, and Final Spark.
  • You can use various skins for this champion, including Commando Lux, Elementalist Lux, Battle Academia Lux, and more.
  • Lux can gather massive light energy and beam it as the ultimate spark to multiple enemies in a specific area.
  • She can use her wand to create a protective barrier for her friends in battle.
  • Lux can also release a spherical light attack and direct it to damage up to two enemies at a time.



The Demon Jester, Shaco, is one champion of League of Legends with a unique back story. He was once a plaything of a lonely prince. Some enchantments made him alive, but the dark magic corrupted him at some point.

In 2022, there are numerous gamers who love playing URF mode with Shaco. As a result, he becomes the scary marionette character that will torment poor people’s souls unlucky enough to meet him.

About Shaco Character:

  • Shaco has the abilities that include Backstab, Deceive, Jack in the Box, Two-Shiv Poison, and Hallucinate.
  • This champion has various available skins, including Mad Hatter Shaco, Workshop Shaco, Wild Card Shaco, and more.
  • Shaco can create a copy of himself and make it attack the enemies using his hallucination ability.
  • He can also create a mystery box to attack the nearby enemies when they trigger it.
  • This character can also make himself disappear and reappear at a specific location and release a powerful attack while he is still invisible.


Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) Champions

Next, we have another female character on our list of best URF champions named Samira. It is another champion known as The Desert Rose, the character that has genuine interests in adventures.

Her stylish and quick movements give her the daredevil vibe that only takes high-risk missions in her adventure. She has the Marksman’s role, and she uses her weapon to shoot her enemies from a distance.

About Samira Character:

  • Samira has various abilities to use, including Daredevil Impulse, Flair, Blade Whirl, Wild Rush, and Inferno Trigger.
  • You get another stylish skin with this character, which is Psyops Samira.
  • She can fire multiple shots in one succession, attacking the surrounding enemies.
  • With this best URF champion, you can dash toward the enemy and slash her enemy while getting more Attack Speed.
  • Samira can use her blade to create a whirlwind, slashing the surrounding enemies in her circle of the blade.



Have you played too much with Karthus and Garen characters in the Ultra Rapid Fire mode of LoL and want to try something new? You must explore the features of Blitzcrank. The major reason is that it has 58 percent of win ration in Platinum+. Moreover, The Great Steam Golem champion, Blitzcrank, is an enormous machine with its intelligence.

It can attack the enemies and deliver devastating and powerful attacks that can destroy weak enemies instantly. Blitzcrank belongs to the Tank role, and it uses its power to attack the troublemakers and protect weak people at the Sump.

Blitzcrank Abelites:

  • The abilities you can use with this character include Mana Barrier, Rocket Grab, Overdrive, Power Fist, and Static Field.
  • The available skins for Blitzcrank are Lancer Paragon Blitzcrank, Goalkeeper Blitzcrank, Boom Boom Blitzcrank, and more.
  • Blitzcrank can attack the enemies and mark them to inflict lightning damage 1 second after its attack.
  • It can double the damage for its attack by powering up the fists and releasing them toward them.
  • The movement and attack speed can double when this champion supercharges itself and performs the Overdrive ability.


Best URF Champions

As The Twisted Treant, Maokai is raging a lot. He is powerful, yet he often creates chaos wherever he goes. Because of the cataclysm that brings destruction to his home, vengeance is the only force driving him.

With his powerful attacks, he can bring destruction to his enemies. While inspecting this top URF champion, we observed several exciting features and skills that forced us to include Maokai character to our list.

About Maokai Character:

  • The abilities you can use with this champion are Sap Magic, Bramble Smash, Twisted Advance, Sapling Toss, and Nature’s Grasp.
  • The skins for Maokai include Victorious Maokai, Charred Maokai, Festive Maokai, and more. Go through all the features of Maokai champion.
  • Maokai can call forth the walls of brambles with thorns that will go toward the enemies and attack them.
  • He can attack the enemies with the primary attack movements, which can heal him during cooldown.
  • Also, this character can turn himself into moving roots, which the enemies cannot target while dashing himself toward the enemy’s direction.



Kai’Sa, Daughter of the Void, is the champion in League of Legends that has dreadful hunting capabilities. She has her power backed by the void, and all her powers can create immense devastation for the enemies.

They often call her a monster for mortals, but will she cooperate with these mortals when the void is trying to eat away their world? She has the choice to forgive them or not.

About Kai’Sa Character:

  • Her abilities include Second Skin, Icathian Rain, Void Seeker, Supercharge, and Killer Instinct.
  • There are various skins available for Kai’Sa, including Bullet Angel Kai’Sa, Arcade Kai’Sa, IG Kai’Sa, and more.
  • Kai’Sa can increase her movement speed and attack speed for a brief period to attack her enemies in quick succession.
  • She can use her void power to create long-range missiles that she can shoot toward the enemies.
  • She can also shoot a swarm of missiles that can target nearby enemies and go in their direction.
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Best URF Champions

Also known as The Fallen, Morgana is a champion in League of Legends that has conflicting natures within her. She is a celestial being, but there are also human natures that she needs to deal with in her body.

Thus, she has constant conflicts within her, making her one of the fallen celestial beings. She now fights for herself and fights for her own belief about human beings and the destiny of the fallen celestial outcasts.

Morgana Details:

  • Morgana has various abilities, including Soul Siphon, Dark Binding, Tormented Shadow, Black Shield, and Soul Shackles.
  • You can use various skins for Morgana, such as Ghost Bride Morgana, Majestic Empress Morgana, Coven Morgana, and more.
  • She can hover above the ground with her wings while unleashing her full power to attack the enemies.
  • This URF champion can also choose an ally to create a protective barrier that can absorb magical damage from the enemies.
  • Morgana can create the dark circle of cursed shadow on a specific area, damaging any enemies that come into it.

Xin Zhao

Xin Zhao URF Champion

With multiple surprising abilities, Xin Zhao has made its place on our list for the best URF champions in 2022. The Seneschal of Demacia, Xin Zhao, is a loyal warrior with incredible fighting skills.

His fighting spirit comes from his loyalty and resolution to serve his Demacian liberators, who freed him from the fighting pits of Noxus. He will fight any enemies trying to oppose and attack Demacia.

About Xin Zhao Character:

  • Xin Zhao can use various abilities in battle, including Determination, Three Talon Strike, Wind Becomes Lightning, Audacious Charge, and Crescent Guard.
  • Some skins are available for Xin Zhao, including Commando Xin Zhao, Cosmic Defender Xin Zhao, Imperial Xin Zhao, and more.
  • Xin Zhao can deal damage to nearby enemies based on the current health points they have.
  • He can charge attacks to his enemies while making them slow down for a while.
  • He can also perform the three-strike attacks, with the third attack that throws the enemy into the air.


Wukong URF

If you love playing the URF mode of League of Legends in 2022 and wish to have a character that has multiple roles, you should go for Wukong. You can also call it The Monkey King and it is a champion that uses his mighty strength, intelligence, and agility to defeat his enemies.

In League of Legends, Wukong studies the ancient martial arts from Master Yi, giving him the ability to fight his enemies with an upper hand. He also has the enchanted staff that he can use to deal consequential damage to his enemies.

About the Character:

  • The abilities you can use with Wukong are Stone Skin, Crushing Blow, Warrior Trickster, Nimbus Strike, and Cyclone.
  • Wukong also has various skins, including Jade Dragon Wukong, Radiant Wukong, Underworld Wukong, and more.
  • Wukong can use his staff and spins it to create a constant circle, adding more speed to his movement.
  • He can make himself invisible and dash around the enemies to deal damage to them.
  • He can also regenerate his maximum health the more he fights champions and monsters in battle.


Best URF Champions 2022

With assassin and fighter roles, Fiora is undoubtedly one of the most favorite and best URF champions. Also, it is known as The Grand Duelist. She has impressive skills as a duelist, fighting her enemies with her sword.

If we put light on the abilities of this female URF character, it has Bladework, Lunge, and Riposte powers to surprise enemies. Moreover, she has the agility that gives her free movements during battles, striking her enemies from many directions in quick succession.

Fiora Details:

  • Fiora can include Duelist’s Dance, Lunge, Riposte, Bladework, and Grand Challenge.
  • This female character has various skins, including Royal Guard Fiora, Soaring Sword Fiora, and more.
  • She can reveal the four-movement vitals of a champion and attack them with faster movement when she is around them.
  • She can increase her attack speed for two consecutive attacks toward her enemies.
  • Fiora can also parry the enemy attacks and then stab her dagger in a specific direction afterward.


Jax URF Champion

As the weapon master of Icathia, Jax has his unique armaments to fight his enemies. Known as Grandmaster at Arms, and combined with his fighting skills, he is a foe formidable to defeat.

He has the resolve to find the warrior who can beat his fighting skills, making the warrior stand beside him in battle. He needs a powerful ally to protect his homeland from the Void.

About Jax Character:

  • Jax has various abilities you can use, including Relentless Assault, Leap Strike, Empower, Counter-Strike, and Grandmaster’s Might.
  • He also has various skins, including Angler Jax, Temple Jax, Jaximus, and more.
  • Jax can deal magic damage in his third consecutive attack.
  • You can dodge all incoming attacks and then perform the counterattack afterward with Jax.
  • He can also charge his weapon with energy to inflict more significant damage for his next attack.



With a good win ratio (54 percent) in Platinum+, we have Zed which almost every LoL player likes to use in 2022. Zed, The Master of Shadows, is a ruthless champion in League of Legends, fighting and killing his enemies without mercy.

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He is the leader of the Order of Shadow, a military organization designed to ward off Noxian invaders from the land of Ionia. This organization uses the power of magic and mystical traditions to achieve its purposes.

About Zed Character:

  • Zed is a character with various skills, including Contempt for the Weak, Razor Shuriken, Living Shadow, Shadow Slash, and Death Mark.
  • He also has various skins to use, such as Shockblade Zed, Championship Zed, Galaxy Slayer Zed, and more.
  • In battle, Zed can make himself unforgettable while dashing toward the enemy champion to mark them.
  • He can gain more energy when he and his shadows attack the enemies with the same abilities.
  • He can also throw shurikens to attack his enemies using his shadows.


shen urf

If you require a URF champion with fighter and tank roles to improve your gameplay, Shen is probably the best option for you. There are many LoL lovers who who know Shen as The Eye of Twilight. Also, it is the secretive group of warriors in Ionia called the Kinkou.

As the leader of Kinkou, Shen has the responsibility to keep the balance between the spirit and the physical realms. He needs to maintain the equilibrium between the two worlds, often using his forces to defeat his enemies.

Shen Details:

  • Shen has the abilities you can use, including Ki Barrier, Twilight Assault, Spirit’s Refuge, Shadow Dash, and Stand United.
  • He also has various skins available, such as Surgeon Shen, Warlord Shen, Infernal Shen, and more.
  • In battle, Shen can protect his ally champion with a protective barrier and teleport into their location afterward.
  • Shen can summon his spirit blade and start an attack with it, damaging enemies based on their maximum health.
  • He can also use his spirit blade to block attacks directed toward him.


Best URF Champions

Those URF players who want to have a multifunctional female character should play with Annie. You can also call it The Dark Child. Moreover, it is no ordinary child and she is a champion of LoL who has powerful magical abilities to crush her enemies.

Her magic focus is pyromantic, allowing her to use fire elements in her magical attacks. Though she is a powerful magician, she still keeps her childlike and playful attitude in battle.

About Annie Character:

  • You will surely like the abilities of Annie that include Pyromania, Disintegrate, Incinerate, Molten Shield, and Summon Tibbers.
  • She also has various skins, such as Goth Annie, Red Riding Annie, Prom Queen Annie, and more.
  • Annie can summon her bear toy Tibbers alive and attack the enemies in a particular area.
  • She can create the molten shield to protect her and damage any enemies that attack her basic attack movements.
  • She can also attack her enemies with the cone-shaped fire, damaging multiple enemies at once.


Diana URF

The Scorn of the Moon, Diana, is a champion who wields the crescent moon blade and uses it to fight her enemies. She is fighting for the Lunari, the warrior clan that lives in the lands surrounding Mount Targon.

With her crescent blade, she charges herself with the power of the silver moon to banish the enemies she encounters. You can confidently use this female character in your URF gameplays as mage and fighter.

Diana Details:

  • She can include Moonsilver Blade, Crescent Strike, Pale Cascade, Lunar Rush, and Moonfall.
  • This URF character also has various skins, including Dark Valkyrie Diana, Infernal Diana, Blood Moon Diana, and more.
  • In battle, Diana can draw her enemies closer to her and slow them down.
  • She can dash toward the enemy and deliver the magic attack with her crescent moon blade.
  • Diana can summon three orbs around her and damage the enemies in a particular area whenever they contact the orbs.


Nocturne URF

Nocturne, The Eternal Nightmare, is the demonic League of Legends champion which can use its demonic powers to damage every sentient being.

It is chaotic and full of evil, and it uses various powerful evil attacks to banish its enemies. Being free from the spirit realm is now haunting the world’s beings with real terrors.

About Nocturne Character:

  • Nocturne has various abilities, including Umbra Blades, Duskbringer, Shroud of Darkness, Unspeakable Horror, and Paranoia.
  • It also has various skins, including Ravager Nocturne, Elderwood Nocturne, Frozen Terror Nocturne, and more.
  • In battle, Nocturne can reduce the visibility radius for the enemy champions and slow down their movements.
  • It can also instill nightmares into its enemies and deal damage for each second.
  • Nocturne can power up his blade and charge it with the evil power, increasing its attack speed.

Final Words on Best URF Champions 2022

These are the champions you can use in the URF event or game mode in League of Legends. There are many characters to use in this game, but these champions are the most recommended ones to use. They are the best characters, and they have the abilities that can destroy their enemies and win battles with ease. Always choose the best champions when you play URF in League of Legends.

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