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40 Best The Forest Mods That You’ll Love! iRiverAmerica

This list of innovative & best The Forest Mods will redefine your gameplay, once again.

The Forest is a survival game that was officially released in 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Windows platforms.

In this game, you are playing as a plane crash survivor who is trying to survive in the heavily forested area that is remotely isolated from the general population.

This game offers open-world gameplay with the first-person perspective.

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Our List Of 40 Best The Forest Mods

We have compiled the 40 best The Forest mods, which you can use to enhance the gameplay of The Forest on your Windows PC.

Easy Building

In this game, there are many things that you can build.

Best The Forest Mods

By gathering the resources like woods that you chopped from the trees, you can build your house.

By having a house, it would be easier for you to survive against mutant attacks while wandering around The Forest area.

Of course, there are also various things that you can build and craft in this game.

The good thing is that, with the Easy Building mod, you can reduce the resources required to build anything by 50%.

It means faster building time for you.


  • You don’t need to gather a normal amount of resources to build anything.
  • It allows for faster building time and a greater survival rate.
  • No need to wander too long gathering for resources.
  • Colour is fixed with the new patch.
  • It works with version 0.49 and above.


Longer Days and Nights

In The Forest, aside from offering open-world landscape for you to explore, it also offers a realistic day and night transition.

Longer Days and Nights

It means that the time you are doing your activity within the game matters most.

For instance, you would find more monsters around the area if you explore it at night as compared to when it is still daylight.

This mod gives you long days and nights so that you can choose the best time for you to do various activities within the game.


  • By making the day and night time longer, you can do various activities suitable for that timeframe.
  • You can do more activities during the day or night.
  • The length of the day and night will be doubled with this mod.
  • It makes you more productive in the game.
  • Choose your favourite time of day and lengthen it as you wish.


Bigger Backpack – The Forest Mods

With your backpack, you can carry various items with you as you explore the open-world area in this game.

Best The Forest Mods

The more items that you carry, the better that you will survive in this game.

The problem is that your backpack will only allow you to carry a limited number of items at the same time.

You have to discard some items if you want to stuff your backpack with more items while it is full.

Thankfully, this mod allows you to modify your backpack storage capacity easily.


  • You can hold more items in your backpack.
  • It provides the best survival rate in this game.
  • You can modify the number of items you can carry by up to 1000.
  • It is very easy to configure.
  • You can also make your backpack to hold an infinite number of items or no items at all.


Active Shadows

One of the best graphical changes that you can apply in this game is the shadow.

Active Shadows

By using the Active Shadows mod, you will be able to make the shadow effects of the game even more fluid and beautiful.

So, when you are exploring under the sun on the daylight, you can see the difference between the normal shadows and the active shadows.

The active shadows bring more liveliness to the game, making it look more realistic.


  • You can have more realistic shadows while exploring the game world.
  • The shadows and the sun will move constantly.
  • It improves the overall appearance of the game.
  • It brings an awesome shadow effect.
  • It’s great for improving your daytime exploration experience.


FOV Changer – The Forest Mods

FOV (Field of View) Changer is the mod that allows you to change your field of view according to your preferences.

Best The Forest Mods

So, instead of using the preset FOV as the standard game will give you, you can now change it based on what you think is comfortable for you.

With this mod, you can play using various field of views, including 60, 90, and 110 degrees. It is also easily applied to your game installation.


  • Change your current standard field of view.
  • You can choose a different field of views according to your preferences.
  • Installation is easy.
  • You can make your field of view wider so that more areas can be seen.
  • Perfect to enhance your first-person experience.


The difference between The Forest and other open-world games is that other games usually provide full maps to make it easier for you to explore the game world.


In the case of The Forest, this game doesn’t give the full map to the player by default.

So, you are left alone in exploring the area within the game world with the blank map at first.

Since it is a survival horror game, not including the full maps might have everything to do with keeping the feeling of danger and uncertainty during your gameplay.

Thankfully, this mod provides the necessary full map that you can use to explore the surrounding area.


  • It provides the full maps for the game for easier exploration.
  • You can move, scroll, and zoom the map.
  • It includes maps for Forest and Cave.
  • You can place markers on your maps.
  • It displays the location for all cannibals and players around you.


Ultimate Cheatmenu

The Forest is a nice survival horror game that offers lots of challenges for players to explore the open-world area within the game.

Best The Forest Mods

However, some players might find it too difficult to go through.

This is why the Ultimate Cheatmenu mod is needed.

For players who want to enhance their gameplay experience with The Forest, they can apply various tricks to make the game easier and more enjoyable to go through.


  • Various tricks are available, such as God Mode, Fly, Free Cam, and many more.
  • It’s easy to activate.
  • It makes the game much more fun to play.
  • You can make infinite garden size and infinite building height.
  • Easy button shortcuts.

Player Upgrade Points

Player Upgrade Points is the mod that you can use to increase the rate of levelling up of your character.

Player Upgrade Points

So, when you are using this mod, you will have multiplied experience every time you are destroying effigies or killing enemies.

The more experience you have, the faster the levelling up process, and the more upgrade points that you will get.

The upgrade points can be used to enhance various aspects of your player’s stats, such as strength, attack, defence, and more.


  • It gives an easy way to level up your character.
  • It gives lots of experiences and upgrades points in a short time.
  • You can make your character stronger quickly.
  • It helps you go through the game faster.
  • You don’t need to spend too much time grinding to increase your level.

Tree Respawn – The Forest Mods

In The Forest, you will see lots and lots of trees around you, and you will need those trees to build your house and create various crafts.

Best The Forest Mods

So, this game will require you to chop down trees to get some woods as your resources for building.

However, the tree respawns rate in The Forest is quite slow, meaning that if you chop down too many trees at once, they will only respawn gradually in the span of a few days.

This mod helps you to handle this problem by respawning the trees much more quickly.


  • It allows quicker respawn rate for trees.
  • It makes it easier for you to gather more resources.
  • You can build more houses in a shorter period.
  • Just push a key combination to respawn the trees again.
  • No need to wait for a few days for the trees to respawn.


If you don’t like fighting certain enemies in this game, you can easily set up the spawn rate for them with this mod.


The enemies that you encounter as you explore the game world are randomized by default, so you will need to deal with them as necessary.

Thankfully, this mod allows you to customize the spawn rate for any enemy type as you want it to be.

With this mod, you can eliminate monster spawn completely or just spawn cannibals to fight. Any spawn combination is possible.


  • You can use this mod any time, day or night.
  • You can customize the enemy spawn rate in any way you want.
  • There is an in-game UI to customize the spawn rate.
  • You don’t need a house to sleep in this game.
  • You can eliminate certain enemies completely.
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Damage Numbers – The Forest Mods

Sometimes, fighting enemies as you explore the game world can be daunting.

This is because, by default, you don’t know the remaining enemy health.

It means that you will mostly not be aware of how long will it take to defeat certain enemies.

With this mod, you can see them more clearly by adding damage numbers around each enemy.


  • Know the remaining health each enemy has.
  • It will make it easier for you to defeat the cannibals.
  • You will see different names for the enemies.
  • It can calculate your attacks more precisely.
  • You know exactly when the enemies will be defeated.

Flintlock Machinegun

There are various weapons that you can use to defeat the monsters and cannibals in The Forest.

One of the best weapons that can deal the most damage is called Flintlock.

It is capable of firing multiple bullets at the same time.

However, it has a very slow load time, making it not too reliable sometimes.

With Flintlock Machinegun mod, you will be able to increase the load time of this weapon by 0.1 seconds.

It will instantly load the ammo for you, making it easier to defeat those monsters.


  • Turn the regular Flintlock into a machine gun-type weapon.
  • Reload instantly for 0.1 seconds.
  • You can defeat the monsters more quickly.
  • It is perfect for quick combat.
  • With enough ammo, you can win the fight with the cannibals quickly.

Full Inventory – The Forest Mods

The Forest allows you to store various items in your inventory, which you can use for various purposes.

The Full Inventory mod is the mod that makes it possible for you to make your inventory full in just a single push of a button.

No need for you to gather various items manually as you can make them full instantly by using this mod.


  • By pushing the F7 button, you will have a full inventory instantly.
  • You can use various items for various purposes using this mod.
  • No need to gather all those items manually.
  • You have more advantage in this game.
  • The game will become easier to complete if you have a full inventory.

Infinite Zipline

Since the open world in The Forest is quite large to explore, there is a certain way for the player to be able to travel to different places quickly.

It is by using ziplines. In this game, you can use ziplines to travel quickly to another area, or you can also transport various things via the ziplines.

However, by default, the length of the zipline that you can create is limited.

This mod allows you to alleviate such limitation.


  • You can travel anywhere using ziplines more freely.
  • There is no length limitation when using ziplines.
  • You can travel as far as you can by using ziplines.
  • It makes it easier for you to move from place to place.
  • You can also transport various things at greater distances.

SkipPlaneCrash – The Forest Mods

The plane crash event is what started the storyline of this game, so you will see this cutscene whenever you join a new game or hosting your own game.

This event can be easily skipped by pressing the SPACE bar button on your PC.

However, if you are joining or hosting a new game quite often, this activity can be quite boring because you will need to keep pressing the SPACE bar in order to skip the initial plane crash cutscene.

Thankfully, this mod is here to allow you to skip this initial scene automatically.


  • No configuration is necessary to activate this mod.
  • You will be able to go right to the gameplay.
  • No need to press the SPACE bar button repeatedly.
  • You just sit back and relax while the plane crash scene is skipped automatically.
  • No need to wait unnecessarily every time you start a new game.

Better Blueprints

Better Blueprints mod is the mod that allows you to change the blueprints of the whole game, such as the physics and other rules.

For instance, you can only build your structures by following the laws of physics by default.

But with this mod, you can build any structure anywhere without adhering to the laws of physics at all.

There are other changes that you can make to transform your whole experience with this game.


  • You can change your gameplay experience completely with this mod.
  • It can build your structures anywhere.
  • You can have infinite ziplines.
  • You don’t need to have any anchor point limit.
  • It can customize the blueprint colour in any way you want.

Tides – The Forest Mods

The Forest puts you into the forested area in the peninsula, meaning that if you explore enough, you will be able to see the beach.

Because the location is close to the beach, there is the tide mechanism in this game.

By default, the tides will increase and decrease the water level on the beach. However, it is not quite realistic.

In this mod, you will make the tides more realistic and make this game more enjoyable to play.


  • Transform the tides into realistic tides.
  • Each tide cycle will take about 13 hours in the game.
  • You can see the realistic tide effects in the game.
  • Make the beach even more lively.
  • The Yacht will also rise as the water level rises.

No Sleep Cooldown

In The Forest, your character will get tired if you keep on exploring the area without taking a rest.

So, there is a cooldown system that you need to deal with in order to refresh your character’s stamina.

Once you sleep, you will be able to start waking up the next day to begin the new day of exploration.

This mod allows you to have the cooldown effect without having to sleep in this game.


  • It eliminates the need to sleep in this game for the cooldown effect.
  • You don’t need to wait until the next time you sleep again.
  • Sleeping will not be a problem in this game.
  • This mod makes it possible for you to do more things in the game.
  • It works like a sleeping pill for your character.

More Enemies Mod Plus Deluxe Ultra

In this game, you will encounter various types of enemies as you explore the surrounding area.

Whether you are exploring the surface of the cave, enemies will keep on appearing in front of you and attack you.

If you think that the enemies in The Forest are too easy for you to handle, you might need a bigger challenge.

The More Enemies Mod Plus Deluxe Ultra mod is the mod that you need if you want to spawn more enemies, giving you more challenges in your gameplay.


  • It makes the game a lot harder with more enemies to defeat.
  • More challenging enemies will appear throughout your gameplay.
  • You need to defeat twice the number of enemies in this game.
  • Enemies will attack you sometimes more aggressively.
  • It is perfect if you want to make the game more challenging and to add more survival effect to the game.

Champions of The Forest

Do you want to make The Forest more fun to play? The Champions of The Forest is the right mod for you.

Not only will it make the game more fun to play, but there are also various customizations that you can activate to suit your gameplay.

This mod requires additional two mods in order to run properly, which are Builder Core and Builder Menu mods.

Once you’ve installed the mod, there will be plenty of options to choose from for you to enjoy the gameplay even more.


  • Lots of customization options that make it easier for you to go through the game.
  • You can have custom weapons and custom inventories.
  • There are lots of custom stats that you can apply in your gameplay according to your preferences.
  • Faster levelling system that includes upgrade points to strengthen your character.
  • It also works on multiplayer mode.

Third Person – The Forest Mods

The Forest is a survival horror game that is presented in the first-person perspective throughout the gameplay.

By default, this is the perspective in which you will play the game from start to finish.

You can’t change the first-person mode into third-person mode by default. But, you don’t need to worry.

If you prefer to have this game in third-person mode, you will be able to change to this perspective by using the Third Person mod.

This mod makes it easy for you to switch between first-person and third-person.


  • You can easily switch between first-person and third-person with a push of a button.
  • Easy installation without any configuration necessary.
  • You can see the game and experience it differently using the third-person perspective.
  • It introduces the perspective that is natively not available in the standard base game.
  • It provides much more fun gameplay for those who enjoy third-person perspective more.

Grass Settings

The grass is one of the most common things that you will see throughout the game, aside from the high trees and monsters.

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In The Forest, you will walk on terrains with grass a lot of time, meaning it’s pretty much what you see commonly on the ground.

The grass can be short or long, but by default, you can’t do anything with them.

The grass will be displayed to you as it is without giving you any means to control its appearance.

But, with the Grass Settings mod, you can change the appearance of the grass easily from the Pause menu.

So, they will look the way you want them to look.


  • You can control both the density and distance of the grass during the gameplay.
  • The Grass Settings is available in the Pause menu in the form of sliders that you can move as you see fit.
  • It can help to improve the performance of the game if you have a low-powered PC.
  • The grass can be made realistic, or it can be made to disappear completely.
  • It can enhance the overall look of the game world and make it more pleasing to look at.

Building But Better

The building is an essential part of The Forest, meaning that without it, you might not be able to progress in this game.

For instance, for you to be able to sleep, you have to build a house or a structure that allows you to rest.

Without this structure, you cannot sleep and cannot restore your energy.

But, the building can be frustrating with clunky control and sometimes not-so-enjoyable process.

The Building But Better mod attempts to make the building process easier to do, as well as make the controls much more convenient for the player.


  • The control is made to be more convenient when compared to the standard building controls.
  • You can lock and unlock the object during the building process to make it easier for you to place it accordingly.
  • The rotation control is also made more convenient to make it easier for you to build the structure in the way you intend it to be.
  • There is the reset rotation function to ensure that you can reset the object when you rotate your object in the wrong way.
  • It is a simple mod to install, and the key functions can be configured easily.

Custom Enemy Stats

The Forest is a survival horror game that has quite challenging difficulty.

For those who are not familiar with survival horror gameplay, they might have difficulty to progress in their gameplay because they might find that the enemies are too difficult to defeat.

In some cases, with stronger enemies, the game can become very difficult to handle.

This is why the Custom Enemy Stats mod is here.

With this mod, you can adjust the enemy stats as you please, making this game to become less difficult to play, especially for beginners.


  • It can change the difficulty of the game based on your own preferences. You can either make it more difficult or less difficult.
  • You can use three different save slots to save your changes, which you can always use anytime you want.
  • There are up to 30 different stats that you can adjust based on your own preferences.
  • You can also share the changes that you have made to the game with your friends.
  • It helps you to go through the game easily.

Light the Way – The Forest Mods

At night, The Forest can be too dark to explore. With many monsters and cannibals lurking around, you are risking your life if you don’t bring any torch with you.

It is an important item that can help you to light your way through the dark forest during the night to make your path easier to see.

Light the Way is the mod that will allow you to use the torch that is just right for you to explore in the darkness.

The amount of light generated from the torch is neither too dim nor too bright.


  • The torchlight has the amount of light that is not too bright nor too dim.
  • It has an increased brightness as compared to the standard torchlight.
  • The simple texture that ensures you can see your surroundings more clearly.
  • Long-lasting battery, which means that you can use the torchlight more without having to change batteries too often.
  • It is designed primarily for the plastic torch in order to enhance its features and functionalities.

Tool Kit Plus

There are lots of items that you will need to use time and time again in order to progress in the game.

As you explore the dark areas of the forest, tools like the flashlight and re-breather are essential to your survival.

With the Tool Kit Plus mod, you will be able to enhance to functionalities of some items to make them even more useful during your exploration.

Tool Kit Plus mainly enhances the functionalities of flashlight and re-breather and make them more useful for your adventure.


  • The flashlight that you carry will have a brighter light compared to the standard light.
  • The re-breather will have a brighter headlamp, which makes it possible for you to see the underwater area more clearly.
  • Your flashlight will have lasting battery use.
  • Re-breather will help you to see clearly underwater, as the blurry water effect is removed.
  • Air capacity for re-breather is increased.


The Forest allows you to explore various aspects of the dark forest where your plane crashed. This includes the underwater area.

When diving underwater, you will require an item called re-breather in order to be able to explore this area.

However, in the base game, the underwater area has a blurry effect that makes it really hard to see underwater.

This can often affect the gameplay experience as well.

With the Clarity mod, you will be able to see more clearly underwater since the blur effect is removed.


  • The blur effect underwater is completely removed, making it possible for you to see clearly underwater.
  • It is a lightweight mod that doesn’t require any complex installation and configuration at all.
  • It makes it possible for you to explore the underwater area with more enjoyment.
  • The blur effect is decreased to zero amount from the base standard amount of three.
  • You can see clearly both in regular water area or the ocean when you apply this mod.

Quick Zoom – The Forest Mods

Since the landscape in this game is quite far and wide, you will have the ability to zoom to the distance.

With this function, you will be able to see your surroundings in a much better perspective.

However, in the base game, zooming can be quite a slow process.

The Quick Zoom mod will help you to change the way you zoom in within the game.

This mod will allow you to zoom in quickly just with a press of a button.


  • With this mod activated, you can zoom within the game faster when compared to the standard zoom.
  • You can just push a button in order to view your surroundings in zoom mode.
  • The zoom scale is also available so that you can adjust the zoom level that you want to have.
  • Even if you restart the game, the zoom scale option will be saved based on your last zoom scale adjustment.
  • It provides a better way to zoom in within the game and see your surroundings.

Destroyer of Worlds

The Destroyer of Worlds mod is a cool mod if you want to play this game like a god of destruction.

With this mod, it is possible for you to remove any object in this game, hence destroying the entire worlds in The Forest.

This mod should be used just for fun and not when you are serious in completing the storyline of the game.

It can help to refresh your mind while playing this game as well as have some good laughs.


  • With this mod, it is possible for you to remove any object in this game.
  • While removing objects, the hierarchy of objects is applied.
  • When you try to remove child objects, only child objects are removed.
  • When you try to remove parent objects, both parent and child objects are removed. So, be very careful.
  • You can destroy every object in this game and leave The Forest barren.

Repair Tool

When you play The Forest, you can build various structures within the game with the resources that are available around you.

The bad news about this is that the structures that you have built can be damaged, and the more damaged the structures, the more you are vulnerable.

Thus, you have to repair your structures regularly if you want to keep it in good shape, as well as if you want to keep it functioning properly.

The Repair Tool mod is the mod that allows you to repair any structure automatically without the need to use any repair tools.

So, your structures will always be in the best shape possible.


  • You can repair your structures automatically.
  • Your structures will be in the best shape possible, always.
  • You don’t need to use any repair tool in-game in order to repair your structures manually.
  • You don’t need to worry about being vulnerable because your houses are always safe and sturdy enough to protect you.
  • Easy and simple installation without the need for any configuration.
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Long Climbing Rope

In this game, it is very easy for you to climb high places by using ropes.

However, the climbing rope length is limited, so you can’t always climb the places that you want to climb in this game.

It is the same when you want to go down. With the rope that is not lengthy enough, you might not be able to reach the ground.

The Long Climbing Rope mod will allow you to climb high places with a longer rope. In fact, the rope will reach the ground.

However, please note that the rope might not actually look longer, but you will still be able to see the climb trigger when you stand under the rope.


  • The climbing rope is now longer, reaching the ground.
  • It makes it easier for you to climb and go down from certain high places.
  • Climb trigger will still be seen even though the rope might not seem to be longer.
  • Your rope will become much more useful this way.
  • This is a simple mod that doesn’t require any complex configuration.


Falling down the high places can be annoying. In this game, you can climb the cliff, but when you fall down, you have to climb from the start again.

This can be very time consuming and annoying at the same time.

The Jumper mod makes things easier for you to climb high places.

When you fall down from the cliff or building, you can easily activate this mode to jump to the place that you want to reach.

It’s easy and instant, just with the push of a button.


  • You don’t need to climb manually to any high places.
  • You can reach any high places just by holding and releasing the jump button.
  • It can save a lot of time for you to reach high places.
  • You can aim the place you want to reach easily before you jump to it.
  • This mod is very simple to use, and it adds a very useful feature for you as well. You can use this mod to escape from monster attacks by jumping quickly to a high place.


Sleeping is an important part of this game. By sleeping, you can recover your energy and generally refresh your character’s health.

It is also a good time to spend the night and continue exploring the next day.

However, you will need to build a structure before you can sleep in this game.

Thankfully, this mod makes it possible for you to sleep anywhere without having to enter any structure.


  • You don’t need to build any house or structure in order to be able to sleep.
  • You can recover your character’s energy anytime you need it.
  • It can help you to forward the time in the game by 24 hours.
  • You can rest immediately after battling any monsters in order to recover your energy quickly.
  • You can sleep anywhere just by the push of a button.

FarLOD – The Forest Mods

The FarLOD mod for The Forest allows you to see far and wide in your gameplay.

However, this mod is available only for those with Ultra Draw Distance settings.

If you have a powerful enough PC and can run this game at Ultra setting, the FarLOD mod can be a good mod.

It will make the distant area looking clear in your gameplay.

With the Ultra Draw Distance, you will be able to see everything more clearly with this mod.


  • It enhances the graphics for those using Ultra Draw Distance settings.
  • You can view your surroundings far and wide with this mod.
  • You don’t need to deal with the blurriness when looking at a distant object.
  • Objects that are far from you become more detailed.
  • It doesn’t affect the performance of your game significantly.


The Forest is a game that requires you to kill various types of monsters and cannibals during your exploration in the forest area.

Of course, you will be attacked by those monsters repeatedly, and sometimes, it can be annoying when you kept on being attacked while your game is out of focus.

This can happen when you use two monitors while playing this game in windowed mode.

Getting out of focus can be deadly for your character.

So, this mod is created to help you block the attacks from monsters while you are out of focus from the game.


  • It works when you play the game in windowed mode using two monitors.
  • When you are out of focus from the game, you can stop the monster attacks.
  • This mode is easy to install without any configuration needed.
  • When you are multitasking while playing this game, you can ensure that your character will survive monster encounters.
  • The game battle is resumed once you focus on the game again.

Flare Machinegun – The Forest Mods

Flaregun is one of the weapons that you can use in The Forest, and it is effective enough to deal with the monsters and cannibals with a few shots.

However, the reload process for the flaregun takes quite some time, so you need to wait for a few seconds before you can fire another shot at your enemies.

With the Flare Machinegun mod, you will be able to reload the flaregun much quicker, which only takes 0.5 seconds.

It means that you can do a rapid-fire with this weapon as long as you have the ammo.


  • It allows you to fire shots rapidly with flaregun.
  • You will be able to reload this weapon much quicker, almost instantly.
  • It can fire multiple shots repeatedly as long as you have enough ammo.
  • You can kill more monsters easily with this mod.
  • This mod doesn’t require any configuration.

Modding the Gameplay

The Forest is a game that is available for PS4 and Windows platforms, and you can easily mod this game if you are playing on Windows.

There are lots of mods that are available to make this game even more interesting to play.

With these mods, there will be lots of ways to enjoy your exploration around The Forest area, with various added features and abilities that you can use.

Conclusion – Choosing The Right Forest Mods

The Forest is a fun and challenging survival horror game that you can play both in single-player and multiplayer.

You don’t have any set mission or quest to complete in this game, and your sole goal is to survive while trying to uncover the mysteries about your plane crash.

The Forest was initially released as an early access game in 2014, going through the beta access phase for 3 years before it was eventually released as a full game in 2018.

During its development, there have been lots of features being added to the game.

You will encounter various strange creatures around The Forest area which are trying to kill you.

These creatures are actually mutants who were the results of an underground experiment of a certain company.

In this game, exploration is the key in order for you to find various clues related to the game, including its own storyline.

There will be two different endings that you can find in this game depending on the choices that you have made throughout the gameplay.

Although there is no set mission or quest for you to complete, you will find various clues as you explore the area in The Forest.

These clues will give you the glimpses of the storyline and reveal to you about why your plane crashed, why your son was killed, what happened to other survivors, the identity behind the mutants you encounter, and many more.

In single-player, the storyline is mysterious enough that you need to explore the surrounding areas to gather the clues on your own about the reason your plane crashed.

As you explore the game world, you will discover more interesting things there.

In this game, you can build structures, get different types of weapons, craft your items, explore the open world areas, and do many other things.

With the addition of these mods, you will be able to enjoy your game even more.

There are lots of customizations that you can make when you play The Forest on PC, so don’t miss it.

Install these best The Forest mods and discover lots of fun things to enjoy this game even more!

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