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Innovations For Pets That Will Improve Your Life – iRiverAmerica

Caring about animals shouldn’t be tough. We’ve gathered some new devices and initiatives for pets and their owners that make their lives better and help mutual co-existence.

Best pet products and services


Pets are members of the family, so it’s reasonable that we want them to be in contact with us all the time.

We also want to dedicate all the time we have to them, but as working members of the community, we cannot always afford it.

If you want to know that your pet is safe while you’re not at home, you can choose one of the smart cameras coming with treat dispenser and cloud storage.

For example, you may pick Petcube that offers lots of features while giving the ability to communicate with your little friend.

If you don’t always have time to clean your pet’s litter box, perhaps Litter-Robot is the right choice for you.

This smart device cleans the litter of your buddy regularly, freeing you from the need to do it yourself.

For those who need to be careful with the pet’s nutrition, Petnet SmartFeeder may be handy. It allows a person to monitor the feeding of the pet whenever it is needed.


Spending quality time with a pet is one of the most valuable aspects of family life.

Playing is one of the best ways to show an animal that they are loved and cared for.

When people come home after long working hours, however, they often do not have time and energy to dedicate their free time to their best friend.

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So, if you’re one of these people, perhaps you’ll like iFetch Toy that throws the balls for the dog to catch them when you’re not nearby to do it yourself.

Sure, your dog should learn how to put the ball back, but they’ll love it once they realize how it works. Another option is the PlayDate, which is a smart ball with a camera.

People may use it if they’re stuck in a long traffic jam and have nothing to do (and when it’s safe, obviously!).

Perhaps you want to train your pet as well. It’s proven that pets learn much better when they have positive reinforcement.

PupPod both plays and feeds an animal, helping them to be more active and to practice various skills.


Unlike humans, animals are much more vulnerable: they need help with medical treatment, transportation, and access to the house.

It’s a human’s responsibility to assist them and increase their lives’ quality. Cat owners will love Tailio that allows monitoring their cat’s health whenever needed.

The early diagnosis and measurements help to prevent severe conditions or lethal outcomes for our pets.

Still, even with all the helpful gadgets and apps, it’s best to always be covered with pet insurance like Bivvy.

Transportation can also be problematic. If you have no one to bring your dog to you, perhaps ShipHike will attract your attention: it ships animals with comfort and safety.

Many people go shopping with their pets or want to buy a cup of coffee on their way home after a walk, but many places do not allow animals inside.

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DogSpot is an excellent solution: you cannot buy it for your dog, but you’d better check the locations nearby that have installed it.

This small house for a dog allows a person to go into a cafe or shop without the need to worry for their little buddies.

The future is bright

There are many more products to cover, but it would be impossible to analyze all of them.

These innovations are some of the most promising and practical tools that help people to be in contact with their pets.

Remember that your attention, love, and dedication are the main things your best friend wants from you.

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