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15 Best Mobile Games for Couples to Keep Your Love Together

Are you looking for games for couples on a mobile device? Many games are fun to play with your loved one. You and your partner can play competitive and cooperative multiplayer games, whether online or local multiplayer. For some games, there are options for you to choose between playing multiplayer via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Some games give you the option to play local multiplayer on a single device, meaning you will play the game by taking turns with your partner.

Why should you play games together with your lover? Here are the reasons:

  • It will help to increase your intimacy together with your lover.
  • You will have a more fun time together, which means you will grow your relationship in a good way.
  • Rather than arguing with your partner, why not play some fun games together?
  • You will know more about your partner, so you can get closer together with your partner as you spend more time playing games together.
  • These games can also help improve your brain, as they bring many challenges to your brain and allow you to improve your cognitive skills.
  • It is a rewarding activity that can give you a sense of joy when you do it.

Best Mobile Games for Couples

In this article, you will find games that span various genres, allowing you to pick the ones you like to play the most with your partner. We have gathered the best 15 titles you can play on your mobile device with your beloved partner. Here are the 15 best mobile games for couples (2021):

Sea Battle 2

Sea Battle 2 is a board game with similar rules as the traditional Sea Battle board game from your childhood. However, it also features other perks, such as updated abilities, updated arsenal, updated ships, etc. It is an interactive board game you can play for fun with your friends. You can also send an invitation to your loved one to play this game, just the two of you. It can give you a lot of fun time together.


  • You can play this game online with players around the world, or you can invite someone to play with you together online.
  • You can design and build your city in this game and also become a hero in your city.
  • Arenas allow you to battle with other players and get rewards every time you win the battle.
  • It supports multiplayer via online connection, or you can also establish a local multiplayer mode via Bluetooth.
  • You can chat with your loved one during the gameplay with the support of emojis.

Official URLSea Battle 2

Orc Genocide

Orc Genocide is a strategy game that offers various game modes with simple graphics. This game features orcs as the main villains. You will take control of various human characters trying to kill the orcs. It has a story that involves saving six princesses from the evil orcs. You can play the game alone or with other players via online multiplayer mode. You can also play this game with your loved ones.


  • You can choose to play with the CPU with three different difficulties: easy, medium, and complex.
  • You can also play with online players all around the world via online multiplayer.
  • This game supports a split-screen mode, where you can play with a friend or your loved one.
  • There are many gameplay modes you can choose, such as tower defense, waves, cliff rush, and so on.
  • There are also mini-games available, such as Orc Jumper and Hero Siege.

Crossy Road

Crossy Road is a fun multiplayer game that allows you to cross different roads with different animal characters. You can play this game on your mobile device and smart TV using Android TV. On the mobile device, you can play with other players on the same device. It is why Crossy Road is great to play with your loved one to have some fun together.


  • You will hop and cross different roads, rivers, and train tracks.
  • It is free to play, and the game offers endless fun with your friends and loved ones.
  • You need to dodge and avoid the traffic to cross the roads in this game.
  • There are over 150 characters available for you to collect.
  • It uses retro-style graphics with perfect play modes for different occasions.

Glow Hockey 2

Glow Hockey 2 is the sequel to the first Glow Hockey game, which offers more features that will make the game even more fun to play together. It is a hockey game with its uniqueness and style, which you can play with computer AI or your friends. It features the glowing hockey puck that you need to push back and forth with the opponent, trying to score a goal while you do that.

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  • It has colorful and glowing graphics in the black background, making the game look futuristic and cool.
  • You can play with computer AI or play in 2-player mode on the same device.
  • It features realistic physics, which makes it possible for you to strategize in your movements.
  • There are three themes you can choose, along with four different pucks and paddles.
  • It’s a simple game you can play on almost all Android devices.


Wordscapes is a fun game that allows you to play with words, and best of all, playing this game can also sharpen your mind. Just take some 10 minutes playing this game with your loved one, and you can both have fun and get more competent at the same time. Wordscapes provides you the ways to strengthen your English vocabulary while exploring the game world. It’s fun and rewarding.


  • It offers you the modern word puzzles that will challenge your brain.
  • You can unlock various landscapes and backgrounds while completing various puzzles in this game.
  • There are over 6,000 crossword puzzles you can solve in this game.
  • Each level gives you unlimited continues, meaning you can complete each level in this game at your own pace.
  • You can also relax your mind with various beautiful landscapes, which you can unlock along the way.

Tic Tac Toe Glow

Tic Tac Toe is a popular game all around the world. Almost anyone knows about this game. However, there’s an excellent way to play Tic Tac Toe on your Android device. Tic Tac Toe Glow is the Tic Tac Toe game with a futuristic glowing design that you can enjoy playing alone or with a friend. This game is also perfect for playing together with your loved one, and it can offer even more fun than the traditional version of Tic Tac Toe.


  • You can play this game in single-mode (vs. computer AI) or 2-player mode.
  • It has excellent and futuristic graphics with glow effects.
  • There are three different difficulty levels you can choose when playing alone with the computer AI.
  • It is a fun game to play with your spouse and entertaining for both of you.
  • It has the computer AI that keeps on adapting to your play style, making it even more unpredictable when you take the computer as your opponent.

Official URLTic Tac Toe Glow

Tsuro – The Game of the Path

Tsuro: The Path is a perfect board game if you are looking for something unique in the board game genre. This is a premium game you can play on your Android device, allowing you to play with other players online in a competitive game style. It has beautiful graphics, unique rules, and it involves creating paths with the tile and stone on the board. It has excellent and beautiful graphics with intuitive control that give you the impression of playing an actual board game.


  • It’s a unique board game with its own rules and gameplay style.
  • The graphics are beautiful, and the tactile controls make it as if you are playing an actual board game.
  • You can play with others on one device or with online friends for up to 8 players.
  • There are 50+ achievements you can get in this game, and you can choose between 3 AI opponents for your strategy.
  • It has fluid animations with lots of attention to detail.

Dots and Boxes

The rule for Dots and Boxes is easy. You need to link the dots and close more squares than your opponents. It is a simple rule that makes this game so fun and addictive. You can play against online opponents to reach the global high scores, or you can play this game with your friends or loved ones. You can have fun together connecting the dots and claiming more squares.


  • You can choose three difficulty modes for the AI opponents, and you can also play against online opponents.
  • You can play the 2-player mode on the same device, which is perfect for couples.
  • It’s a classic board game with colorful themes that you can choose.
  • You can enter the global high scores if you play well in this game.
  • There are also achievements you can get for playing this game and completing specific goals.
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Words with Friends 2

Words with Friends 2 provides a multiplayer board game that is even better than the classic version. This game has various updates that will add more fun and enjoyment for the players. As the title suggests, you are playing with words in this game. There are plenty of word-based games you can play, such as crossword puzzles and other variety of word games that will challenge your vocabulary and spelling skills. It’s perfect for playing for couples.


  • You can create a game and challenge an opponent to play the word game with you.
  • There are various goals that you can complete, and you will get rewards for each completed goal.
  • There are also quick play events that will challenge you to play with letters fast in a limited time.
  • You can use this game to improve your spelling, vocabulary, and general English skills by playing solo challenges.
  • There are exciting things like stickers, widgets, profile frames, and tile styles you can customize in this game.

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is a premium Android game that takes the element of the classic board game of the same name, along with the railway theme, to provide you the board game experience you never experienced before. This game is all about finding the quickest path to reach your destinations using trains. You will expand your adventure from city to city as you unlock more and more tracks in this game. Your trains will go worldwide and visit different cities in different countries, such as Europe, China, India, and more.


  • You can choose three gameplay modes, such as single-player mode, multiplayer online mode, and local multiplayer mode.
  • This game adapts the popular board game with the same title, Ticket to Ride, made by Alan R. Moon.
  • It has high replay value, as you will get unique experiences every time you play this game.
  • There are various add-ons you can find for this game, with expanded maps and other additional content.
  • You can play online multiplayer with other players worldwide, no matter what platform they are using to play this game.


Spaceteam is a fun space-theme game where you can play in co-op mode with other players online. You will play like a team that manages the work in a spaceship. Each player will have the roles they need to play, and they need to achieve specific goals based on their roles. They need to shout at other players throughout the mission until their ship explodes.


  • It supports up to 8 players in a multiplayer online mode with cross-platform capability.
  • Each player will have their assignments, and they also need to follow the strange instructions from other players throughout the game.
  • Shouting at other players, combined with a sense of urgency, makes this game fun to play with others.
  • Teamwork is something that you need to keep if you want to win in this game.
  • It gives a time limit to your team, and you need to complete the mission before the time runs out.

Official URLSpaceteam

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition is a survival game where science and magic come together. In the game world, you play as someone trapped in a strange world full of strange things. Your goal in this game is to survive so that you don’t die starving. You can craft various things to build your shelter, create your tools, and find your foods. Aside from surviving, it would help if you also dealt with dangerous creatures trying to kill you. The expansion for this game titled Don’t Starve Together allows you to play this game in multiplayer mode to survive together with other players.


  • It features a crafting system that allows you to gather resources from the environment and craft them.
  • You can craft various things in this game, and you can use them as your tools or equipment throughout the game.
  • You need to battle enemies trying to kill you, so you need to keep your survival instinct on edge.
  • You can explore the mysterious world and meet with various strange creatures.
  • It has a mix of science and magic that allows you to experience the wonder of the strange world, all with its surprises.


BattleTech is a simple, fun, and addictive game that will challenge your vocabulary and English skills. In this game, you can battle with friends using texts, finding the words that have more letters than your opponents. The more you come up with the word containing more letters, the better you will be. But you have to be quick in testing the words. This game is fun to play with multiple friends or with your spouse. It’s just fun to play and good for your brain.

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  • You can play with your friends via invitations or with strangers in multiplayer online mode.
  • You can play this game for free using nine-game characters you can choose.
  • It offers fast gameplay rounds that will become addictive as you sink in more time to play this game.
  • There’s a Story Mode you can play through, which contains 72 timed stages you need to complete.
  • You can start with the easy rounds, and then the game will give you more complex difficulties as you progress, which will challenge your brain even more.

Official URLBattleTech


Wordfeud is a popular puzzle word game that has over 30 million players worldwide. This game allows you to challenge your friends and play with opponents from all over the world via online multiplayer mode. In this game, you need to place words on the available 15 by 15 board and earn points as you place more and more words. Certain words, such as long words, will give you double or triple points. You will win the game when your points are more significant than your opponents.


  • You can play this word puzzle game with online opponents or with your friends.
  • There are many languages to choose from for this game, not limited to the English language.
  • You can communicate with your opponents via a chatting system in the game during the match.
  • You can mix and choose your board so that you can get creative in your games.
  • There are also 30 simultaneous games you can play in Wordfeud.


iPassion is a game designed for couples to strengthen their compatibility and intimacy with each other. It uses the quiz format, in which you and your spouse need to answer specific questions. These questions will reveal how well you know about your spouse. Some questions will also reveal various facts and sides about your girlfriend or boyfriend you didn’t know before. It’s the game best played together with your spouse from time to time to have fun and get closer together.


  • You can get closer by playing this game, as each question will reveal a new side of your partner, which you might not know before.
  • You will know better about your partner, as you will know more about your partner’s interests, likes and dislikes, personalities, and many others.
  • Each level will give you some nice prizes as rewards for completing the level.
  • It’s the game that can help improve your love life and increase the intimacy in your love life.
  • The game uses the quiz format, giving you various questions about your partner, which you need to answer to complete the level.


These are some mobile games for couples that you can play with your lover or partner in your spare time. Playing these games will give you a sense of connectedness with each other, aside from having some fun and entertainment time together. Some games can also offer challenges for your brain, giving you both the fun experience while improving your cognitive skills at the same time.

Playing games together with your loved one is one of the best ways to strengthen your love together. Many multiplayer games allow you to invite your friends to play with you. Some also allow you to play on local multiplayer mode on the same device. For this type of game, there’s no need for your partner to download and install the game on their device. Just use your device and play together in local 2-player multiplayer. It’s time to have some fun together with your partner!

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