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Top 6 Best Dating Sites in 2019 – iRiverAmerica

Singles attempting to connect with prospective partners now have a straightforward and convenient method of reaching out to others in the same position, and it’s, literally, right at their fingertips: online dating.

The question any daters need to ask from the outset is which of the many matching websites would be most suited to their own aspirations.

With so many cluttering up the Internet, which platform is most apt for an aspiring dater? You certainly will be spoiled for choice, but here are the six best current examples of online dating sites.


Flirt.com is a much-liked dating website, appealing to a wide demographic, from people who have been active Internet daters for some time, through to complete novices. Its interface is well designed, presenting a clean and streamlined home page, with site navigation which encourages users to make the most of experience.

The chat rooms are especially popular, with site users getting the opportunity to interact with a diverse range of individuals, many of whom have dropped by from far-flung locations. One especially commendable aspect of this site is the fact it offers its clients handy dating tips.


The central attribute of any dating site has to be compatibility amongst its clients. EliteSingles transcends the traditional generic codes of matching and instead deliberately focuses on a specific niche area: it is aimed at professional singles, with over 70% of its audience comprised of university-educated individuals.

This is particularly appealing to its members, who are uniformly quite content to be cocooned from more mainstream dating sites in this way. They might have to fork out a slightly higher than average premium for their services, but the site users of this popular outlet are more than happy to do so.

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Best Dating Sites

Anyone who is relatively new to Internet dating will quickly be struck by the possibilities which are opened up by this particular form of social enterprise. You can certainly use Match to connect to singles in your neighborhood, but the fact is, this website has a diverse catchment area.

You are just as likely to find yourself being captivated by the profiles of charming singles from any corner of the globe. Be prepared to strike up a possible long-distance romance with people from any one of 25 separate countries.


Again, focusing on compatibility, eHarmony ensures its clients have every chance of being matched with someone appropriate by introducing concise parameters from the outset.  Newcomers are invited to complete an extensive questionnaire in which they are quizzed about a whole range of topics.

Rather than being overly intrusive, this guarantees they have every chance of finding themselves paired with someone who is on the same wavelength as then, thus eliminating a lot of time wasted attempting to communicate with unsuitable individuals.

The questions also cover far more pertinent topics when it comes to establishing unique characteristics, so rather than mundane issues like ‘what is your favorite color?’ you are far more likely to be asked about aspects of your personality or your belief system.


The current membership of Zeus is rapidly approaching 26 million, meaning it is an extremely popular website where, by the law of averages, you are bound to have a very good chance of coming across someone you really connect with.

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This website has various software tools which are designed to assist you in getting to know a prospective partner much better. If you are prepared to dig deeper for the premium version of this website, you can even purchase is Zoosk coins, allowing access to even more functionality.

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