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Five Points to Think About When Looking at Antivirus Software

A topic that is always at the forefront when talking about devices and the internet is security. Being secure is a vital part of owning a device and browsing the web.

How we use our devices and browse the internet continually changes.

With Covid-19 moving a good chunk of employees to remote working and bringing more consumers to online shopping, taking the time to ensure your security is almost a necessity.

If you don’t have it already, now may be the time to invest in antivirus software.

Antivirus software helps protect your device from online threats that could do serious damage.

Each security company offers its unique spin on antivirus software. With all your options, which one do you choose?

We’ve compiled a checklist of points to think about when you’re looking for antivirus software. After that, browse through this list of top antivirus software from bestantivirus.com.

Provides Overall Protection

If you’re spending money each year on protection software, you want to ensure that you’re getting full coverage and not just a small chunk.

Many of the top antivirus software on the market offer additions like firewall, VPN (virtual private network) options, ransomware protection and third-party monitoring.

Before making your decision, check what the software all covers (and that it covers a lot for your device).

Real-Time and On-Demand Scanning

Reliable antivirus software should offer you both real-time and on-demand scanning options. Each option adds additional protection to your device.

The on-demand scan option lets you scan your device at any given time.

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Whereas, the real-time scanning happens in the background all the time.

As you browse through files and access different things, the scanner is always checking to ensure it’s safe.

Protects Against a Variety of Viruses

Since the creation of the internet, so too has there been viruses. For decades consumers have battled with protecting their devices from crippling viruses.

Each year, it seems a new version of a virus (or a completely new one) pops up.

Ensure that whatever antivirus software you pick can keep up with all the viruses floating around.

You wouldn’t want to spend money on software only for it not to detect a newer (or older) virus.

How it Affects Your Device’s Performance

As secure as you want to be, you also want your device to still work the same as before – meaning, you don’t want to download the software and have to wait 30 seconds for a page to load.

Antivirus software can quickly weigh down your device. Take time to see how the potential software impacts your device (especially if you already have large programs downloaded or like to game a lot).

Company’s Privacy Policy

Lastly, the antivirus software you pick is there to keep your device and data secure. That also should include the company itself doing just that.

You may have heard of companies (some antivirus ones included), selling your data to other large corporations. That likely doesn’t sit well with you.

So, check through the company’s privacy policy so this doesn’t happen to you.

In the end, finding the best antivirus software will come down to personal preference.

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The five points above offer a guideline to help get your search started.

As we continue to move towards an online world, ensure you are getting the best protection to keep you and your data safe.

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