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5 Benefits of Using Video APIs For Your Business!

An application programming interface, or API is the messenger that takes a request from a user’s device, telling the system what it is that you want to accomplish and then successfully returns your request back to you.

API is essentially a tool that allows for seamless automation. Video APIs take this one step further by allowing users to communicate via an online video platform.

There are several benefits to utilising video APIs within your business. We’ve narrowed down our top 5 benefits below.

Online Meetings

Video APIs are changing the way business and learning occur. Using video API to embed a video platform for viewing on a website is one of the many ways in which communication is evolving.

This viewing platform can either be free to watch on a site or can utilise the functions of logins for students and/or employees to access private content such as video lectures, recorded meetings and live stream events without the need to travel.

Customised Data

For those entities that are utilising video APIs for education and/or training purposes as mentioned above, it is important to have the statistics and data to see who has accessed this video content, how long they engaged with it, the time that they accessed it and so on.

Using video APIs, companies are able to customise the features that are used within their existing video platform.

This is an essential service for tracking accredited hours, as well as establishing successful content in the future that meets the lifestyle of those using the service.

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Mobile and Web-Applications

It is extremely difficult and time consuming to create a video-based web and mobile application. Think of any application that allows you to send, record, watch or stream videos on demand.

These all utilise video API to allow the seamless streaming we have become accustomed too.

The implementation of video APIs allow those developing these applications to utilise data and services from external sources, meaning they do not need to create custom coding and create technology to support this coding.

By using plug-and-play services through video APIs, businesses are able to create the same end product for a great deal less time and money.

Boost Engagement

Our society is becoming increasingly more visually stimulated. Gone are the days where a person will sit and read through an entire paper when they can watch a video tutorial of the same topic online. By utilising video API, businesses can reclaim their user’s interest.

Anything from product descriptions, to introductory videos of employers and/or services can be streamed online.

This not only allows users simpler access to the content of a business, but also allows users to feel more connected to a business, thus boosting long-term profits.

Save Money

By implementing video APIs into your business, you are able to fast track new information surrounding products and/or content.

APIs allow content creators to bypass the need to fully create website coding, thus reducing operational or technological costs by utilising APIs simplifying and accelerating development opportunities.

Do you want to know what the very best part of using video APIs for your business? It is easy when you have an award winning video APIs specialist on your team!

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