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Hidden Benefits of a Coccyx Cushion to Your Spinal Health

Suppose you are experiencing back discomfort while working, either in the office or at home. In that case, there is a need to seek an immediate solution. Coccyx cushions are renowned for providing the ultimate comfort and support you need for your lower back. In addition, they are specifically designed to relieve pressure when sitting for long periods.

What is Coccyx Cushion?

The coccyx is a special bone located at the bottom of the spine that offers an attachment base for the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. It provides support and carries the body’s weight when you are seated.

Coccydynia is a condition that results from injured coccyx due to prolonged sitting. The coccyx cushion is a special type of cushion specially designed to keep the coccyx safe from any harm, making it an inevitable addition.

Health Benefits Of Using A Coccyx Cushion

Coccyx cushions provide many benefits, including pain relief and overall improvement of posture. Besides, the cushion is also designed to offer support for the skeletal spine. Here are the clinical benefits of coccyx cushions:

Offers Gentle Support For Your Skeletal Spine

Sitting for long is a recipe for slouching, leading to soreness and pain in the muscles. Fortunately, the coccyx cushion offers excellent care and support for the posture, thanks to its careful design. They are made from high-quality memory foam to elevate the pelvis in an upright posture, keeping your lumbar spine’s inward curve in the correct position.

Designed For Back Pain Relief

Feeling strain in your lower back is inevitable, especially sitting for long. The risk is even higher if your body weight is beyond the limits. If left alone, the strain can turn into chronic pain leading to continuous discomfort.

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Fortunately, the coccyx cushion gives ultimate comfort to the sensitive inward curve of the spine in your lumbar region. The cushions are designed specially to reduce the pressure on the base of the spine.

Varied Selection To Meet Your Specific Needs

Different cushions are used to relieve different pressure on the spine. However, what makes coccyx cushions stand out is that they come in different shapes suitable for every person. Thus this ensures that everyone can find a suitable model for their specific problem. The shapes include cut-out cushions, doughnut pillows, and U-shaped pillows. Each of the models is designed explicitly to providing ultimate pain relief that comes from different pressure points.

More Convenient Than Any Other Cushion

Coccyx cushions come with a convenient travel case and a washable cover. Thus it is easy to ensure they remain clean. In addition, they are designed for use anywhere, meaning that they are usable at home and work, in the car, or any other location where prolonged seating is required.

Prolonged seating at work is the leading risk factor for back pain, back pain, and discomfort. If you are looking for long-lasting comfort and back support, you need to make additional cushions for your chair.

Coccyx cushion is designed with a special and unique cut-out feature needed to suspend the coccyx and prevent it from making direct contact with the seat. Thus this feature makes it an excellent solution for all back pain conditions.

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