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Asus Vs. Hp, Detailed Comparison to Conclude Which One is Better in 2022

Production and demand for extreme quality laptops inflated a couple of decades ago, and the race to occupy customers’ beliefs is still pretty hot. People demand laptops for various reasons. For example, some need a jumbo graphical laptop for a better gaming experience, while others look for a laptop that stays healthy for office work. Moreover, the increased literacy rate makes people more familiar with advanced technology. Hence, some people look for inexpensive yet quality-assured laptops for regular use. These things and demands created a heated topic of Asus Vs. Hp.

Whoever visits a laptop market or plans to buy a laptop is highly likely that the buyer is familiar with ASUS Vs. Hp brands. In this guide, we will explain all the essential qualities of each of the listed brands. In addition, we will highlight key areas where a specific brand’s laptop can be more helpful. Moreover, we aim to draw an honest comparison between Asus & Hp to help buyers find the best product. From differences to matching abilities, our detailed guide will help you decide which brand to choose.

Asus Vs. Hp Laptops | Gaming Point of View

Asus Vs HP

ESports are getting viral daily, and the younger generation is taking immense interest in this field. Teenagers who are good at some specific game try to master the game by buying better laptops that are good at graphics, not so expensive, and come with a durable battery to remove the hassle of spending money on a regular basis. Once gamers get a branded laptop with desired specifications, they only need to focus on the game to master it. With this aspect, which one is better? Asus or HP?

HP Laptops for Gaming:

Both brands have taken gaming seriously, and their laptops constantly try to outperform each other. For example, HP’s Omen series has exciting laptops that provide gaming and streaming capabilities with extreme picture quality. These laptops have brand-new processors installed, clicking 4.5GHz a second.

These i9 8-core processors comfortably manage to pipeline or parallel working like you play the game on one end and stream on the other hand. Unfortunately, simple laptop processors cannot handle both tasks simultaneously while they hang up and ruin the gameplay.

Some other important factors that matter the most from a gaming point of view are RAM, SSD, HDD, and Graphic card. The best laptop of HP(Omen 15) gaming laptop has it all. 64GB of Ram allows the latest processor to access programs available in the operating system.

This feature quickens the process of streaming while you play intense matches. 2TB of SSD is more than enough to save your crucial time while rebooting, loading games and software, and saving files faster than ever. Moreover, 2TB of Hard disk allows you to save a whole world inside a PC.

Besides all these features, HP Omen 15 has a display of 4k with 15.6″ dimensions, keeping your eyes safe with a crystal clear view. Unfortunately, with all these features, the laptop’s price is heavy too. You’ll have to spend over $2k to get this sensational laptop. If you are on a budget, we suggest a comparative laptop named Pavilion. A 4GB graphic card with an i5 processor allows you to play multiplayer games for under $1k.

Asus Laptops for Gaming:

Few brands in the market provide detachable keyboards, while Asus is leading in this field. This feature is included in multiple Asus gaming laptops to make it easy for gamers to place their keyboard according to their ease. The unique design of ROG Mothership GZ700 forces us to say that it is not even a laptop anymore.

The way it allows you to detach and reattach according to the requirement makes it a Personal Computer. In addition, 8-cores with 16 threads in the processor assure lag-less gaming and streaming at the same time.

RTX 2080 graphics of ROG ensure a flawless gaming experience. You can play any big game like GTA-5, FIFA 20, Pubg, or similar high-stream games without any flaw of lagging. ROG has a bigger screen of 17.3″ than HP’s Omen 15 discussed earlier. Moreover, the 4k 60HZ screen has a G-Sync to save your eyes from a disaster.

Asus understands how crazy gamers can be. Hence it provides smooth and extreme quality laptops to help gamers live the game. If we compare the SSD and HDD, Asus’ ROG is behind HP’s Omen 15.

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The thing that makes Rod superior to Hp’s Omen is the kickstand. The kickstand is right behind the laptop’s screen, which provides a solid stand to stay firmly on a flat surface. You must press two buttons to make it stand and start the game. The processors and hard disks are placed right behind the screen above the kickstand.

This makes it easy for the laptop itself to cool itself down. Like in other computers, you do not need to place something under the laptop to ensure the extraction of air. With all these capabilities, the ROG laptop will cost you around $2.5k.

HP Vs. Asus – Better For Gaming?

Asus wins the battle in the gaming field from HP. So go for Asus if you have the specified budget.

Asus Laptops VS. Hp – Business Point of View

Asus Vs Hp

As the demand for laptops increased, the number of laptop manufacturing companies has inflated too. It becomes difficult for a person in business to select a single laptop from so many. In this section, we will discuss critical features in a laptop which are more than necessary for a businessman to know before buying one. Moreover, we will compare the two hottest brands in the laptop field, i.e., HP vs Asus,

HP Laptops for Business:

After MacBooks, HP is leading when it comes to selling laptops to businessmen. One of the best HP laptops for business purposes in the current era has to be HP’s EliteBook x360. EliteBook is a heap of top laptops highly rated by buyers in recent years.

These Elitebooks come in various sizes, all of which have almost the exact specifications. From looks to specs, all Elitebooks exactly feel the same with some minor updates. For example, a CNC Aluminum chassis covering the outer part of an EliteBook makes the whole thing extremely durable.

For business people, x360 has a tiny microphone that automatically cancels the voice for better collaboration. An Antenna line helps users to connect to LTE Modem or Wifi. An excellent display of 13.3 inches makes it comfortable for people who usually work from home.

You can change displays in display settings as there are several other options. You can choose any of them according to your requirements. Each display option ensures that you’ll get a 4k display every time. 

Every business person needs a comfortable keyboard, and HP’s EliteBook x360 provides an immensely comfortable one. Moreover, the mouse trackpad is also handy enough if you customize it according to your needs. The EliteBook also comes with a Type-C Pen to use it as a mouse for drawing and other purposes.

Security is essential for everyone having a high-class business, and x360 secures your laptop at a peak. Even if the BIOS gets hacked, the x360 can restore your data itself. Initially, you will need to tell your fingerprints to the laptop, and later on, the laptop will secure your information itself.

Asus Laptops for Business:

Asus is not far behind HP in producing laptops for business purposes only. Like gamers require some facilities and specifications, people related to business also need specific facilities like security assurance, ease of typing, excellent microphone, and other stuff.

A lightweight laptop of Asus named Asus ExpertBook B9450 is getting popular day by day among business-related people due to some extraordinary qualities. The lightweight of this laptop doesn’t compromise the quality of the product. Magnesium pieces used in the built chassis don’t allow the screen to flex or wrap when people use harsh.

The overall design ensures the availability of the best position to type when you work. The same design is helpful for the laptop itself to throw out the air comfortably. When one of my teammates used this sensation piece, he highlighted a flaw in the ExpertBook. The hot air that gets out of the Book goes straight to the laptop’s screen.

My teammate noted the screen’s temperature after continuous use of the laptop, and the temperature was around 50 – 55 degrees Celsius. This high temperature can definitely harm the screen, as per our observation.

This laptop’s smaller size doesn’t compromise typing as the keyboard is simple enough to get used to within one hour of continuous typing. The laptop’s screen can be grabbed and pulled up with a finger, and the screen can tilt 180 degrees. A physical security cover is placed at the camera’s top to ensure safety.

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Microphones are good enough to do online meetings, and the noise cancellation is handled perfectly, while we still have some reservations about the picture quality produced by the camera.

Better for Business, HP or Asus

HP’s Elitebooks are marginally ahead of Asus Expertbooks.

For Regular Use – Asus or Hp?

Simple use of a laptop includes internet browsing, downloading movies, watching the downloaded ones, and spending time on Netflix. Asus and Hp have already started producing simpler, inexpensive, and durable laptops for people to use them for surfing, browsing, and downloading stuff online. Top laptops from Asus and HP are affordable because they do not come with the latest expensive SSD, HDD, or graphic cards. Instead, simpler HDD, SSD, and Rams do the required work perfectly. Let’s look at each brand’s best laptop to calculate which leads the chart.

HP Laptops for Regular Use:

HP Laptops

HP NV 13 is the one you need if you are tight on budget and want the best product for the money. The laptop has a rigid body despite being lightweight, making it durable enough for rough use. 13 inches of the display is touch-enabled, which means you can use it as a tablet or a mobile phone as well.

Keyboard has its own specifications, while the typing feels way easier than other brands’ laptops. The keyboard stays quiet when you type for a long time in the library or wherever you use it. In addition, the clear font on the keyboard helps people learn to type quickly.

The i7 processor helps you browse as many tabs at a time as you want. In addition, the processor is the main thing that handles multiprocessing perfectly. So, for example, you can watch Netflix, download a movie, and surf Facebook or Instagram simultaneously without any lag. The 256GB SSD ensures a fast response from the laptop, while the 8GB of RAM is more than enough to help you do your regular tasks regularly.

Asus Laptops for Regular Use:

Asus Laptops

Multiple ASUS laptops are available in the market for easy use, but the one that competes HPs NV 13 has to be Chromebook Flip C436. The best feature of this Book is that it can be tilted 360 degrees. The Magnesium Alloy used in the coating of this Chromebook makes the product extremely durable and lightweight at the same time.

A full HD display ensures streaming movies without lag. You can set the brightness according to your requirements. A bigger and smoother touchpad allows you to move the mouse quickly. You can set the sensitivity according to your skills.

As per our observation, the keyboard is slightly tougher to manage at the start. But, once you get going with this keyboard, you will not like anything else. There is also a fingerprint locking option to ensure the safety of the laptop. Each side of the laptop comes with two speakers, which means there are a total of 4 speakers in a single laptop.

When you are watching a movie in a circle of 3 people, you definitely do not need extra buffers. Because of 2 in 1 capability, like HP’s NV, you can use it as a tablet as well as a laptop. The screen is touch-sensitive, and you definitely enjoy streaming on Netflix and scrolling on Facebook or Instagram.

For Everyday Use, Which One Is Better? HP or Asus?

We go with HP because of its low price and high productivity.

Customer Care – Asus vs Hp

Customer support is considered a crucial factor before you buy any product from any brand. Therefore, you need to know how easy it is to contact customer care for a specific brand. Also as how well they behave with their regular customers and how quickly they respond to buyers’ queries. Therefore, it is necessary to compare Asus’ customer support with HP’s customer care when we are supposed to compare these two brands.

Asus Brand’s Costumer Care:

You will find the Asus helpline helpful if you use a phone or chat service. Telling your problem to a customer service agent on a chat might be a little more difficult than explaining it on a video or an audio call. However, if you are good at communicating through chat, then Asus will quickly understand your problem and will suggest the best solution within no time.

The only issue with Asus chat is that you have to wait too long to find a customer service agent. It usually takes around 25 minutes to find one, while I had to wait more than half an hour to get my screen resolution fixed.

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Asus Costumer Support

HP’s Costumer Support:

From the responses of customers observed through surveys, HP’s customer care has not been up to the mark in satisfying customers’ queries. The most frequent issue you will face while contacting them is you need to chat with bots initially, and if they approve, then your call will be transferred to a customer service agent who is mostly busy.

It takes around an hour to reach a customer service agent of HP, and things get even worse when the agent’s behavior is not satisfactory. You will need to sign in twice or thrice to introduce yourself to a virtual assistant. All these issues state that you should take care of HP’s products; otherwise, it becomes tough to get them replaced.

HP Costumer Care

Winner? Asus Customer Care is too good compared to HP’s customer support.


Is Asus Better Than Hp?

Asus wins the race to produce extremely dependent laptops for gaming purposes. When it comes to business and everyday usage, HP’s laptops are considered to be dependable ones. If we compare the customer support of both hot brands, Asus’s customer care is way better than HP’s.

Which is Better, Asus or Hp?

If you are looking for a laptop to play heavy-duty games, Asus is far ahead of Hp. HP provides much better laptops than Asus if you are learning programming, graphic designing, logo designing, or excel stuff. If your only task is to surf the internet daily without doing any other bigger task, both Asus and HP are good for you. HP is slightly inexpensive compared to Asus, but both provide extreme quality products.

Is Hp laptop a good brand?

HP is one of the oldest laptop-producing brands in the entire world. Therefore, it has earned respect from thousands of customers, and regular buyers trust the product quality produced by HP. Moreover, HP always tries to produce laptops and Personal Computers with the latest technologies. Hence, people are comfortable with the products of the HP brand.

Is Asus a good brand?

Asus has quickly managed to compete with top brands in the market by producing sensational laptops within no time. Gaming laptops of Asus are getting viral, and people are trusting the quality of Asus products as well. The best thing about this brand is that Asus always produces the latest models with the latest specifications. Moreover, their customer support service is hard to beat.

When to go for Asus?

We suggest you go for Asus if you are good on a budget and want to play a game and stream it online. Asus laptops are pretty good at handling multiple tasks at the same time. You need a lag-less, extremely quality laptop for gaming purposes, and Asus assures these things in its recent updates.

When to go for HP?

HP is suitable for business use, learning things, and everyday use. HP laptops are too good with these specifications if you are a businessman and need a decent laptop with high-class security. Moreover, if you are a programming, graphic designing, and search engine optimization learner, we suggest you pick HPs recent Elitebooks.


Asus vs. Hp is a hot debate these days, and people who plan to buy a new laptop always desire to know about the features of both of these brands and their best products. In this guide, we tried to present the comparison between Asus laptops vs. HP according to the different categories. HP takes the lead somewhere, while in some fields,

Asus is leading the chart. Both the brands are competing with other brands in the market as well, and both of them have got loyal customers because of the quality they provide. Go through our complete guide once and then decide which brand will be suitable for you with respect to your needs.

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