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Top 25 Free Apps Like Showbox To Watch Movies Free!

There are a plenty of apps like Showbox on the web, but which one is the right choice for you? Just read on to know all the features and download your favorite Showbox alternatives from our top 25 apps list.

This article today will be streamlining the alternatives to Showbox app and presenting you with the best twenty you can tinker with if and when you decide to pledge your allegiance somewhere else apart from Showbox.

I will detail the best Showbox alternatives for your smart devices (Android, iPhone, Windows PCs etc.) If you’re a lover of video streaming and TV series, especially with the smart device usage, there is a high probability that you’ve at one time or the other got involved with this wonderful application.

Showbox remains a huge and reliable way of accessing online platforms of video streaming and the TV series. As reliable as one would expect this application to be, users need to exercise huge caution while using the services it renders.

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Our List Of Free Apps Like Showbox

Still, there are other apps like Showbox which are not task shy and prove to be a reliable solution if you’re interested in toying with other alternatives to this interesting movie bank. Below are our 25 picks which can effectively deputize for the application “Showbox”:


The Showbox and PlayBox HD are very similar from all points of consideration you may want to use to find a difference between them. The appearance, look and the feelings you get while using both can be likened to one another.

Apps Like Showbox

The program of the PlayBox works like it’s just the Showbox on display. The only noticeable difference a user with keen eyes for a difference is the bluish theme that the PlayBox HD features.

It also features a high volume of HD content and compatible just like the Showbox on any of the smart devices. For maximum enjoyment though, it is recommended to use devices with a large display and a relatively large RAM size.


· It is open source
· It does not come with in-app purchases or premium version procurement
· Its free apps ensures all options available for Android and iOS (iPhone) are accessible
· With a high ton of HD content, display is superb


· The application may stop abruptly and seldom work properly in the fine mode. This may disturb user experience

Download: Android, iOS


The experiences gathered as a Showbox user will also prove highly valuable, while meddling with this alternative to it.

Only a novice who’ve not been apportioned to use Showbox will have a torrid time finding his/her way around Megabox HD. MegaBox HD also works like the Showbox and is another application that provides you unbridled access to tons of movies and TV shows.

Apps Like Showbox

MegaBox HD is effectively programmed and clearly partitioned into different sections which allows you to find your way easily and effortlessly locate the movies or TV shows you want to watch. The application is really a beauty to behold.

Despite the fact it works beautifully, the application, though has its own little shortcoming which may be negligible depending on the user, it supports ads and this keeps popping up while you enjoy the service.


· Videos can be added to favorites and check at a later day or time.
· With consideration of the internet connection and how strong it is, you can choose between 360p and 720p.
· With sole reliance on your internet connection or service provider, streaming sessions are devoid of lag or slowdowns.


· It supports ads which continue to pop up while streaming videos.

Download: Android


This app “Movie Box” is another look-alike of the Showbox, churning out features that are almost similar to the Showbox. It allows you to watch both videos and TV series just like the Showbox and is beautifully designed.

Apps Like Showbox

The app though, is language restricted since it only supports two languages which are Russian and English languages.

One other not too friendly feature about the Moviebox is that as a user, you have to watch a trailer before you can access the video or program of intent.

Some users might be discouraged about this, but if you’re really considering an alternative to Showbox, then this is worth trying.


· The application is user friendly with simple to use tools that does not take an eternity to get acquainted with.
· The latest movies are added and released very quickly on this application.


· One unwanted experience that users will be facing here is the coercion to watch the trailers before streaming the actual video which may not endear them to the app.

Download: AndroidiOS


Popcorn Time is one of the latest in the movie and free TV application series, with just a year in the bag. The application is as unique as it sounds or who watches video in popcorn.

The application provides support for all ranges of smart devices such as Android, iOS etc. Despite just a year old, it is rubbing shoulders with the big wigs in the movie and the TV series app and favorably competing with them.

Apps Like Showbox

The acceptability of this application can be observed from the ever increasing and growing number of users on a daily basis who have not hidden the fact that they are delighted at the rare buffering issues even on slow and weak internet connections.

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Despite offering a premium membership to members, it is free for all users. Popcorn Time also pops up with a unique speed on your smartphone or tablet and you can seamlessly tamper with its settings by changing its interface and language as fast as you want it changed.

Popcorn Time has been considered to be the closest clone of Showbox that is trending; you won’t regret embracing this application.


· Presents a flexible interface and language which can be tampered with to meet the specifications of each user.
· It supports different type of smart devices such as Android, iOS and Linux platforms
· It has a subtitle list which you can choose from if the audio content of a movie is blasting in a language that appears alien to you.
· The Smart TV connection is supported


· As beautiful as the Popcorn Time appears to be, it occasionally crashes and a lasting solution is still shy of appearing, but with time, a permanent solution might just be on us.

Download: AndroidiOSWindows


Crackle is another application that is making the round and is really worth been included in this list. Crackle is more of a direct substitute for the Android Operating system.

Crackle currently records over 20 million registered users, which clearly shows it’s a popular choice among smart device users and other range of operating systems can only be glad to be given the privilege.

Apps Like Showbox

Using Crackle on your Android operating systems, you can stream videos and watch TV shows without experiencing any lag or slowdown which may impede users experience.

It supports smart TV connection, although this will only work where there is a software of the smart TV which is compatible with the application. Crackle provides a monthly update of its movies and TV shows


· It provides a save option which allows you to save movies which you can enjoy and savor at a later day.
· It provides a list of subtitles which allows you to pick from them and understand audios that are not even in languages you’re convenient with
· Contents are of high quality.


· Contents are updated once every month, so you will not always have access to streaming the latest and greatest family of TV shows and movies beyond 30 days

Download: iOSAndroid


Another intriguing, but reliable alternative to Showbox is Hub streaming, a formidable and reliable alternative providing beyond a single option for streaming your videos and watching your TV programs.


Hub Streaming provides you with a long array of movie selection and also an option to download content as you will.

It is not yet accessible to other operating systems apart from the android operating system this implies you can only enjoy this as an android users pending the time it becomes available for other operating system users.


· Movie links can be obtained and shared with other users.
· Movies can be downloaded from beginning till end through this application.
· Users can switch between different video players


· Streaming servers can become slow while streaming which can result in poor performance and less video quality.


Another Showbox alternative making the round is Sky HD. You might be familiar with the word sky in other fields, but do not confuse that with this.

Apps Like Showbox

Sky HD is an alternative to Showbox, delivering better picture quality than most of the other applications or alternatives to Showbox. It provides real time access to both movies and

TV shows while it also puts into consideration your user experience with it. This is not free source; a price tag is slam on it which you have to pay for before you can access the application.

Though most video streamers might consider this a huge luxury, there is no short cut to gain access. Therefore, if you want to enjoy sky HD, your best bet is to pay for its services.


· Provides a better picture quality than its competitors
· A huge compilation of movies and TV shows are available to users


· This is not open source and you have to pay for it before usage
· Comes with a fixed device resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels if you want are streaming high definition contents

Download: Android


Another alternative to Showbox application is Hulu. Hulu prides itself on record as a movie and TV streaming option which updates its content list regularly and quickly. It is also easy to use and with a few clicks, you begin to stream your videos.


The services rendered by Hulu are completely web based and this cost you some bucks to use, especially if you’re responsible for your data connections.


· Provides a wide variety of movies and TV shows which are just a few clicks away to the enjoyment of users.
· This is compatible with Chromecast and makes the streaming experience better


· It is web-based streaming application so that might not bode well for millions of streamers

Download: iOSAndroid


CinemaBox is a popular choice amidst users as an alternative to Showbox and continues to be a popular choice despite its not available on Playstore and users has to download a .apk file before gaining access to it.

Apps Like Showbox

It has a high collection of endearing features which provides it with an edge for users, some of which include the fact that it is open source and has no in-app purchases.

Its content are in high definition and comes with a wide range of subtitles to meet the yearnings that might arise due to language barriers. You can also download videos with no restrictions and stream movies as well.

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The developers also provide a regular update of the application which ensures that you regularly have a long list of movies to check there.


· It is open source
· Provides a wide range of subtitles
· Provides a High Definition quality
· There is no limit to movies download and streaming
· There is a kid mode that helps to restrict the volume and the type of content available to adolescents


· The official application for Cinema Box app is not available on the Google Play Store so you will need to download the .apk file if you will be using this application

Download: AndroidiOSChromecast


This alternative to Showbox is indeed proving to be an alternative as it works a little bit differently from the pattern designated for Showbox.


Instead of just streaming a video whose sources you are not sure of, it presents you with a compilation of videos from the popular sources and organize them source by source.

With this, you know what you’re watching as well as the source that is providing you with such content. It comes with a clean user interface which is friendly to use and easy to understand.


· Access to an easy to use interface.
· It supports all forms of smart devices
· Streaming performance is determined by the internet connectivity
· It is very small in size, around 11mb.


· You do not need to register nor provide a login details before you can use the application on your device

Download: AndroidiOSWindows


The Bobby movie box is another great alternative to Showbox and developed for iPhone users to provide them a veritable option to watching movies on applications that are otherwise inferior to the device.

It helps and provides them with options to watch movies in High Definition quality and also to download them such that they can be readily available for viewing at a later day.


This application is also available for Android users as well, but users of Apple devices are not involved yet in the enjoyment that this application provides

It has a wide range of collections which get updated regularly and also a user interface that is updated on a regular basis. The application is simple to understand.


· Bobbie movie box is available is available for both Android and iOS users.
· It provides you with the option to watch TV series and videos
· It is open source
· It presents a great viewers experience and a high definition quality for the videos


· Showbox appears to be faster than this application.
· Before you can gain access to a video content or TV program, you have to watch the trailer

Download: iOS


Flipps HD is another great addition to our list of the best apps like Showbox that also presents a better compilation of all kinds of movies and TV series.

It can present them in all formats including HD mode. You can stream movies and watch TV shows along with the viral video and musics.

Showbox alternatives

You can also download movies straight to your phone storage and access them later without internet connectivity. Downloading movies does not deteriorate the quality of the movies as output is same for both offline and online modes.


· The application is available in all leading stores to download and enjoy movie streaming.
· Free app to download and stream movies online.
· It has a feature to help you watch videos on your phone.


· It is known for occasional crashes and lags which can affect viewers experience while watching TV shows or streaming movies.

Download: AndroidiOS


This is another alternative to Showbox app, although not yet popular among users. Its strong point is offering compelling features to users which are hard to refuse.

The Mobdro app is a quick, easy and reliable way for Android users to access TV shows, movies, sports events, cable channels etc.


Mobdro app is not fully in HD designs, but offers a negligible content in High Definition. Often, it is reliable when you’re away from the convenience of home and need to catch up with important and favorite events on the go.

Mobdro is one of the best TV apps which is available for PC, android and iOS users. It also comes with fewer restrictions signaling that you are not denied access to most of the contents you might be willing to access.

Download: AndroidWindows


On our list of apps like Showbox, Viewster is another great application for video streaming and TV series shows.

It has gained wide acceptability as a streaming application presenting the choice of enjoying the quality and most entertaining content for free, yes for free.


It features a huge collection of animated content on the web along with lots of high profile contents. Viewster has a collection of over 20,000 animated contents; movies, etc.

The users cannot but make use of this app to get the most updated audio visual content. Contents of Viewster are ranges from bios, trailers, movie news etc.

Usage of this application does not require registration as a user, without registration, you have unlimited access to all contents it provides. Largest user base of Viewster is though confined to Europe.

Download: Android, PC


Tubitv just like Mobdro is one of the relatively unknown applications that offer some great and exciting features which separate them far from the other conventional applications.

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Apps Like Showbox

Tough alien to most people, it has managed to attract over one million users as there is a recorded over one million times download of it from Playstore signaling that it is worthy of usage.

TubiTV have a record of over 40,000 films to choose from along with TV shows. There is a huge variety of options to embrace and check out in this interesting application.

It is also clearly partitioned into different segments such that users can find what they are looking for with ease.

TubiTV also gains a plus in its regularity and frequency of updates, it is regularly updated with a view to improve the services obtainable therein.

Download: AndroidiOS


Yidio is a really interesting application with a unique service; it acts as an intermediary between the content host and the users who are on the lookout for contents.

Yidio does not play host to movies, but functions as a search engine for online video content by re-routing users to online hosts where the contents in search for can be accessed for free.

How to use Yidio is really simple, upon opening of the application a user searches for a title and a list of related streaming sites are given to the user.

The implication of this mode of operation is that you’re not sure of what you will encounter; you might be directed to sources where contents are free or sources where accessing contents requires a paid membership.

Download: Android, iOS, PC


SnagFilms app requires a free registration that is used every time you need to log in. It is highly useful for people who are not pleased with wasting time on searching for contents online.

Upon continuous usage, contents are suggested based on your watching patterns which make it easy for users to access what interests them most. The interface becomes personalized for the different users based on the contents they are glued to.

Streaming can be in 720 or 1080p and interesting movies cum TV programs can be queued up for watching at a later day or time in this apps like Showbox.


Another alternative to Showbox whose importance and relevance has been downplayed is YouTube. It is a valuable resource and provides TV shows as well as video streaming content for users.

Recently, YouTube became a popular choice among dedicated movie platforms which signals that day of free contents might be over.

Copyright issues on this platform are complex and you might discover that new contents are removed faster than you can access them. Still, YouTube plays host to a huge collection of movies and TV shows.


Netflix is really a big one, with a global level of acceptance and usage. You probably should know that this is not open source, but the package is split into a free 1 month trial for new members after which a $8 fee is slam on a basic membership.

The fee is relatively small compared with the services obtainable which are a large and diverse collection of content available anywhere.

Netflix is free of advertisements, rare cases of buffering and a really wide collection of both TV shows and entertaining movies.


The last on our considered list of apps like Showbox is Newest Movies HD which is an Android app, offering over 50,000 titles. This application is relatively unknown compared with other big names and high profiled applications discussed earlier, but come with an expansive selection of different categories.

The contents are also clearly sorted into groups to make searching through such contents at ease possible. Contents can also be downloaded and watched later at convenience featuring a huge collection of animations which is a choice of most users.

Beautifully packaged and meeting the needs of users, the applications’ main challenge boils down to compatibility issues and occasional software malfunctions.


No application is complete and maintains a monopoly in the tech market. Virtually all applications that have traditionally worked their way into the hearts of app users are replaceable.

The question though begging for an answer is how reliable are these obtainable alternatives, would they fit in exactly or should you stick with the ones you’re conversant with.

The official site of Showbox provides users with unrestricted access to free movies and is a sure bank of interesting and captivating movie series.

The Showbox alternatives as brought to the surface in this write-up are clearly with a consideration for different group of users.

With these 25 applications you should be able to get one or two which can rightly fit in and solve your issues with Showbox or provide you with reliable apps like Showbox.

This list is very detailed and I have tried to mention all possibly best apps like Showbox, but if I still missed something please add it to the comments box and I will update the post.

If you liked this Apps Like Showbox post, please share it with your friends and tell me in the comments that which one of all these apps is your most favorite one?

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