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5 Amazing Tablet Uses You Probably Didn’t Know

It’s normal for first-time tablet users to wonder what they are going to do with their sweet tablet.

Obviously, you can use it for checking emails, and checking in on social media platforms, for instance, Twitter and Facebook, but surely you didn’t buy it just for that. Did you?

Even if someone gifted you the tablet, it’s important to know how to get the most out of it. But don’t worry, here you’ll get tips on some amazing things you can do with your tablet.

Let’s get started:

1.       Control Electronics Remotely

You can surely use a tablet to control your television. Apple and Android users can get the TV Sideview app for the Sony-Ray player and Sony Smart TV.

The app will not only control the television and other electronics alike but also provide program information. What’s more, the apps can recognize other televisions, Blu-Ray players, DVD, and other stereo systems.

2.       Second Screen

You can also increase productivity at home and work by using your tablet as a second screen. You can also keep texts handy with FlickNote for Android or Simplenote for Apple. What’s more, you can find the required webpages quickly using bookmarks.

This way, you’ll save a lot of time since you’ll not need to go back and forth between screens. To make quick calls via Skype, simply tap on the screen or send a quick message through email.

3.       Use as a Phone

If you didn’t know, you can stay close to friends and family via Skype using both Apple and Android tablets. The app is free, but you’ll be charged a fee when making international calls.

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The free application supports face-to-face talk via chat or even voice-chat. You can also use your tablet via Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) networks compatible with your device.

4.       Your Pet’s Best Friend

Even your lovely pet can get into the action with your tablet. It gives an excellent opportunity to interact with your pet like never before. There are many apps available for download or sponsored by various pet food companies.

Some apps allow a tablet to take a photo when tapped anywhere on the screen. Others give a yes or no answer to any question, while others allow pets to draw or doodle. Some apps also allow you to train pets on how to do simple trials.

tablet macbook

5.       Stress Reliever

A human being needs time to relax and meditate. You can conveniently access stress relief videos or music using your tablet.

There are many meditation tools for both Android and Apple tablets that can help you relax after a working day.

Regular meditation is known to reduce emotional and mental stress and has also been found to minimize the physical pain.

Meditating regularly also helps boost mood which goes a long way in promoting a better world perspective. What’s more, it will relieve anxiety and soothe distracting mental chatter.

Consumer Type Tablets Wall Mounts Basic Setups

There a huge variety of enclosures, docking stations, and tablet wall mounts available in the market.

Some of them are tablets designed for specific tablets, for instance, galaxy tab wall mounts, while others are universal. Below are some of the best options you can use to mount your tablet.

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1.       Magnetic Tablet Wall Mounts

You can easily mount your tablet on the wall using a magnetic strip at the back of the tablet. There is a huge variety of magnetic wall mounts available, with some having charging options and some without.

A mount with a charging option is ideal for a permanent wall mount. However, you can better utilize a non-charging wall mount to display personal calendars via the Meeting Room Schedule app.

2.       Non-Magnetic Tablet Wall Mounts

Some people also prefer to use non-magnetic wall mounts. These types of dockets come in various sizes and shapes to suit all types of tablets.

They also come in a wide range of adhesive mechanisms from adhesive strips to screw for the mounting stations.

3.       Docking Systems and Enclosures

If you’re seeking a one-time secure and permanent wall-mounted tablet fixture, then you’d want to consider a wall docking system. Some docking systems have a docking system while others don’t.

Since docking systems are more secure than the magnetic tablet wall mount, there are more ideal for commercial spaces. Some of them come with theft prevention features as well.

They have complex attachment options, for instance, glass mounting or tilt options, alongside basic attachment such as adhesive strips

Be sure to consider your budget as well as your personal or office preference when making your choice.

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