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Should We Invest In Video Games?

Video games were created in the late 1950s by Higinbotham.

Playing video games is not just for fun; it can provide a different kind of satisfaction to the player.

  • From then, it has evolved into a diverse ecosystem in which investors need a new framework to assess opportunities.
  • Since these games are now beyond the console, it can be played anytime and anywhere.
  • With all the innovations in the video gaming industry, it is not surprising that it makes a lot of money with a potential worth of $230 Billion compared to other entertainment sectors.
  • It is estimated that the number of people playing video games will increase from 2.2 billion to 2.7 billion three years from now.
  • Since more people are playing video games, it results in the increasing of game development cost, favoring companies with large spending budgets rather than smaller studious.
  • This results in lower stock prices in recent months because of the near-term growth making it affordable for people to buy stocks. However, there are still uncertainties because of broader economic growth.
  • Because of the continuous advancement in technology, gaming is not just a recreational activity for the people. Many have turned it into sports and held tournaments that were sponsored by big companies.
  • Investing in e-sport would give you an advantage of global success due to competitive gaming.
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Many investors see gaming as a very attractive industry but keep in mind that a fast-growing industry is not always a good investment.

In this case, innovation and consumer behavior are fast-changing, which could either bring you fortune or demise.

Staying diverse in this fast-growing industry is your best bet.

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